7mm 'Denton Brook' an industrial whimsey

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Giles, 10 May 2016.

  1. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    It occurred to me that I really ought to explain myself after all this time......

    I'm in the middle of (quite quickly) building a rather small industrial layout, which is best discribed as a whimsey, rather than a serious recreation. We live in a small house, and space is extremely limited, but I find myself with bits and pieces, such as an industrial Garrett, a gantry crane etc... and therefore a need to put them all together. The result is - or will be - Denton Brook. 8' X 3' standard gauge (31.5mm points!) with a narrow gauge factory line in 14mm gauge. The back end of a factory producing electrical cable, which is brought out on the narrow gauge, the drums then being transferred across to standard gauge wagons, then to be lost for ever.... I'm sure I can work some RC lorries into it somewhere as well.

    This can't ever hold a candle to the extraordinarily works we regularly see here, but may (if not taken too seriously) provide some lighter entertainment!

    The track plan is almost thus..... In reality I have cut the narrow gauge siding, and added the tail of a standard gauge run-round...


    The two rear buildings are clad in fire cement (one of the better types) which the stonework embossed on


    The back one housing the transfer crane.


    Overall of the factory end...

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  2. Giles

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    And of course recent progress aided by the new laser cutter, produced this building and fire escape


    And even getting some details in. This is 'tram road' -the higher standard gauge line - the transfer siding, which is tramwayed in with setts (for which I produced an etched tool to emboss the thousand of setts). The drain is copied from those in our 1930's street - so hopefully not too far out

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  3. Hobbyhorse

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    Nothing wrong with that drain cover, layout is looking excellent.

  4. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I like the collection of different roof shapes and angles and the whole ensemble has a convincing and purposeful look to it.

    I don't really want to stand identified as the first "drain spotter", but your drainage casting is incredibly convincing!

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  5. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    Thank you! I lasered the drain from Trowmark.... I thought I might happily produce more if people needed them.
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  6. Jordan

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    :eek: Oi!!! I do the Back of the Class self-put-downs around here!! :p :D
    I reckon this is extraordinary modelling of the highest quality & right up there at the top with the 'best' on this Forum, whatever one may consider the best.
    The drain grille is exquisite as it looks like cast iron, whatever it's actually made of!! :thumbs:
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  7. simond

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    Looks most excellent.

    I'm pondering setts for the dockyard bit of PD, and had, conceptually, at least, decided to laser them. Did you emboss yours before you got your laser, or because you felt the appearance was better?

  8. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    Quite so.
  9. Len Cattley

    Len Cattley Western Thunderer

    Lovely work :bowdown:
  10. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Gobsmackingly good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That drain cover is superb.
  11. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    Simon, I embossed them well before I git the laser, but I also wanted to get away from the very flat and regular appearance that you get with sheets (and would get with lasering). I very much like the rough and uneven appearance that embossing gives, which is more appropriate to the cheap end of setts, rather than a neat, freshly laid appearance.
  12. Locomodels

    Locomodels Western Thunderer

    "- the transfer siding, which is tramwayed in with setts (for which I produced an etched tool to emboss the thousand of setts)."

    Was the tool you made for a block of setts or just a single sett ? Is there a chance of a picture of it ?
  13. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    This was the tool I devised - I got sheets of etches done, and assembled them with silver solder (some people used soft solder)
    One side is just long, one side will fit within the 'four-foot' and the shortest side will do the 'two-foot' for narrow gauge
    The tines are arranged between the plates so you use the tool one way round, and then just reverse it, and press again, to get the staggered setts.

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  14. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    These are some of the setts after painting, and with ash brushed (and fixed) into the cracks

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  15. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    And this is what the crane is about. Using a pair of 12v micro motor/gearboxes, using M8 machine screws as winding drums, running in mounted nuts, to give a zero-fleet action.

  16. Jon Nazareth

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  17. Overseer

    Overseer Western Thunderer

    Very nice. It took me while to work out how your sett tool works. I was trying to work out how you aligned the tools to get all the L shapes in the right places to form setts but then realised that the completed tools are at the bottom of the photo and they are held vertically on edge - much simpler and effective.
  18. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Loved it.
  19. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    I'm so grateful to say that I've finally finished the cobbled yard (setts, actually!), barring finishing with ash, which will tone it all down and fill the cracks. It's lovely and uneven - very three-dimensional - which is very much what I wanted. I'll see what it looks like finished off and tied in with surrounding ground.

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  20. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer