Diagonal sleepers

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    This was a new one to me - so posted for interest.

    I started following this blog nodrog because he covered the electrification of the line from Preston over to Blackpool which is my local line.

    He's just posted an entertaining blog from the Black Forest. He included some shots where they were updating the line for electrification but as he pointed out the sleepers were arranged in a diagonal fashion.

    Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 22.37.19.png

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    Hi Adrian.

    They look like Y shaped ties.

    From Y-Stahlschwelle St98:

    Y-Stahlschwelle St98.JPG


    Strohgäubahn - Wikimedia Commons

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    Adrian, these sleepers are widely used here in Germany. They need significantly smaller layers of ballast. The whole superstructure can either be cheaper at a given requirement of of higher quality at constant cost. The main use is at minor branch lines or at lines that are very curvy. These sleepers make a very rigid construction that resists movement in perpedicular direction.

    Nevertheless, I think they look ugly. :rolleyes:

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