1/32 Dutch Mountains Railway

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Remco Vegting, 17 April 2020.

  1. Remco Vegting

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    So… I've started designing my layout… to accomodate my live steam and battery operated Gauge 1 locomotives.

    8 - alleen spoor.jpg

    The part of the garden I can use is 30 meters long. On the left side it's about 9 meters wide and on the right side about 12 meters.
    The plan is to start with the yellow oval, so I have something to run some trains on. Then the structure for the two loops (light and dark green) can be constructed and both loops laid. Next stage are the passing loops (orange).
    The luxury parts are the blue sidings and the steamup area (red) with turntable.

    Both big loops (light and dark green) have a length of almost 85 meters.

    Any ideas, suggestions, etc are welcome!
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  2. Remco Vegting

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    In this video you can see my current trains:

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  3. Keith Phillips

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    That will be a healthy run for your stock. I look forward to seeing the progress :thumbs:
  4. Remco Vegting

    Remco Vegting Member

    This is where it will happen!

    2019-06-25 20.07.08.jpg
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  5. Remco Vegting

    Remco Vegting Member

    Because my layout will be as level as the country I live in, I have decided to call it the Dutch Mountains Railway ;-)