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  1. Martin Shaw

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    This thread was going to have another title, but I thought better of it, too open to misconstruction. I have been researching quite a bit today, along with getting the brain into at least second gear, to come up with a plan.
    The starting point is this,
    As can be readily seen the painting is a bit too tarbrush, but there are on investigation significant other issues.

    There's no interior to the cab

    Both the chimney and dome lean backwards, I feel the taper on the lum is a bit narrow at the bottom as well. What isn't obvious from the pic is that where there should be a smokebox saddle, there is a void, so the whole boiler smokebox assembly is resting via the smokebox front plate, at the bottom of which there isn't a piano lid. There is also an issued with the feed pipes. At the running plate they are in the correctish position but the clack should be centred on the dome with a set in the pipe. Some engines retained the 6"/6.5" Westo pump on the tank front but a lot had it changed for an 8"/8.5" mounted on the boiler side.

    At some time past the whistle has moved from the cab roof, and the safety valves and dome have been moved forward, the witness marks give this away. I'm a bit puzzled, the dome was definitely in the wrong place but the safety valves would have been more or less correct for a 160 psi boiler. The 180 psi boiler fitted to some of the F4s (downrated to 160) and the F5s, had originally a 4 column Ramsbottom valve but mostly replaced by 2 pop valves, so it's wrong as it is and could have been left where it was.

    Having itemised all the deficiencies with the body, forgot a bent buffer at the rear, it looks reasonable and could with a bit of work be made adequate.

    The chassis, to coarse standards, bears little resemblance to the prototype. Essentially an 0-4-0 with 2 pony trucks with mock front and rear frames that are there for the ride, it is I then asking a bit too much to obtain decent running qualities.

    My original thought was a new chassis with hornblocks for the drivers, and radial trucks, utilising a set of fine standard wheels that came with it. Having looked at the long list of corrections needed, the smokebox saddle being pretty major, and the state of the paint job, I think a better alternative is,

    Sell the existing model to someone else.
    See if Mr McGeown will sell me body etches for his F5 kit.
    Get a load of castings from Laurie Griffin, he seems to do everything necessary.
    Make new chassis as outlined above possibly reusing existing motor.
    Hope sentence 1 makes large inroads in to sentences 2-4.

    Seems like a plan, any thoughts welcome.
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  2. Rob Pulham

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    Hi Martin,

    There is also the option of the Shedmaster Kit from Laurie Griffin. I have one and the castings are as you might imaging superb but I confess I have never unwrapped the etches.

    From what I have read elsewhere, I doubt they will be of the same fidelity as Jim's but they might form a fall back position if Jim is unwilling to supply etches only.
  3. Scale7JB

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    If I'm honest, the Jim McGeown castings are very good in themselves..

    Do you really need to go to Laurie? I guess the chimney and backhead might be a nice upgrade..

  4. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Thanks Rob, useful thoughts, JB you seem to be suggesting upgrading the existing model, have I understood you correctly?

  5. eastsidepilot

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    By an F5 kit from Jim and scrap what you bought. :D

    Col. ....Grandson of an Eastender.
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  6. Scale7JB

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    Sorry Martin, no I think the built loco is well past its best unless it's become a love affair..

    I'd suggest buying the complete kit from Jim, and adding the odd casting here and there from Laurie's stable. Jim's castings are some of the sharpest around if only whitemetal rather than brass. I'm sure Jim would let you have a good rummage through the 'castings' at a show, and he also has built examples on his stand.

  7. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Thanks for your comments that rather confirm my thinking. It's by no means a love affair and whilst I acquired it along with other stuff it has no sentimental attachment so it can go with no regret. I'll offer it out for what I can get. I've got the replacement wheels as a starting point, as they were an attractive loco. I've built a few of Jim's kits so I know they go together well.
  8. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Just to wrap this thread up, I put it up on the Guild sales, where it attracted zero interest so I left it with a friend who trades in O gauge matters and he promptly got £100 for it, which was somewhat more than I thought possible. Prior to this I had a discussion with Jim McG who wasn't totally averse to selling me a set of etches, but not wholly enthusiastic either, as it is I will eventually buy the complete kit from him and since I have wheels and a motor a replacement F5 is on the cards, God alone knows when though.