EasyBuild Class 101 Met Cam DMU build

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  1. Muddysblues

    Muddysblues Western Thunderer

    Hello, I am in the early throws of putting together an EasyBuild 2 x car Class 101 Metropolitan Cammell DMU set.

    It won’t be a step by step by instruction build, as the instructions with the kit are pretty well thought out, but there are 1 or items on the build, that I may try other techniques to see if they can ease the build another way.

    For those of you familiar with the kits, EasyBuild is a name that seems far from it in some parts of the build, but I do like them, and Shawn Kay is one of the most accommodating proprietor’s to deal with.

    Anyway it true WT vein, here are some pictures, please feel free to ask any questions, or give me pointers, or constructive criticism, or add in your own pictures, it’s all welcome.

    Best regards

    I wasn’t happy with the quality of the marker lamps, so I experimented with some styrene rod, to see if I could get a better shape to them.

    The sides, cabs and inner ends all prepped.
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  2. Muddysblues

    Muddysblues Western Thunderer

    The instructions tell you to leave all other etched parts within the cab window etched whilst fitting, this does aid the handling of these fragile surrounds.

    Then cut away the inner sections once the glue has dried, as in the second picture below.
    B5B7715B-B2DB-4C54-A4A3-32F8A82C3636.jpeg D7F82D1E-267C-4EA0-AED2-A09FB30CFB1A.jpeg
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  3. Muddysblues

    Muddysblues Western Thunderer

    Last night saw the sides have all the door bumps, middle and lower hinges fitted, the top hinges have been left off as per the instructions.

    The reason for that is, it stops them getting damaged later, in the roof fitting process, which can be a bit of a wrestle.

    I wasn’t happy in getting the cab glazing to in on a dry test fit, so I am going to mull over that today, and have a go tonight.

    14044B07-3A90-4B49-841F-12A4458BA2A8.jpeg 7B014D85-CC00-4F59-9810-36030DDB291C.jpeg
  4. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    Although my layout is crying out for some DMUs I have decided to wait it out until Heljan or Dapol finally bring an appropriate one out.
    A friend did build a Craven 2 car DMU which after a a great deal of effort is a lovely model, so I wish you well and will be following avidily.

  5. Suddaby

    Suddaby Western Thunderer

    Thanks for starting this Craig, as I have been considering buying one for a while now,probably the Cravens, as that what was most frequently seen in my home area of theEast Riding.
    Just one quick question, what sort of glue do you use to stick the brass bits to the plastic?


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  6. Muddysblues

    Muddysblues Western Thunderer

    Hi Kevin, thanks for the interest, the holes for the hinges and bump stops, are meant to be drilled at 0.7mm, I did them at 0.6mm, so they are a tight push fit in, then and dab of superglue on the rear, then clean off the excess material.
  7. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I've looked at acquiring one of these kits to finish in BR blue as I remember travelling on them on the Harrogate - York/Leeds 'Paytrain' services in the 70's.

    What are the sides and cabs made from - styrene, ABS ?

    York 04.jpg
  8. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Talking of Met-Camm cabs, I had the pleasure of riding in 'Daisy' up and down the north Wales Coast with Rail editor while interviewing Regional Railways bosses. DMU's had never meant much to me previously, but if one only remembers DMU's then obviously they mean a lot to those people. Watching this thread with interest.
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  9. Focalplane

    Focalplane Western Thunderer

    I remember the introduction of early DMUs on the North Warwickshire Line only because the windows behind the driver’s cab gave an excellent view of the line ahead. They were a significant improvement, I am sure, but to a young teenager I did find them just a little boring. No offense to the young ‘uns on WT who didn’t enjoy some of the trains I saw.
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  10. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    Will be following in this with interest. I need to get back onto my 101 in the new year. Bodies are pretty much done I just need to sort the underframe gubbins and the interior then it'll be off for paint.
  11. Colin B

    Colin B New Member

    I’m building an Easy-Build 105. Look forward to seeing you’re progress. Just wondering do you have any ideas of how to apply lights, etc.
  12. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    I could quite fancy a 4 car class 108.

    Be interesting to see how you get on with the glazing as I'd hazard a guess this will be make or break between a good model and a great model?

  13. Muddysblues

    Muddysblues Western Thunderer

    Good evening Gang, sorry the build is on hold at the moment, we have our house up for sale, so we have been doing all the little tidying up jobs etc, under the guidance of SWMBO :bowdown: !!! as a few of you will know what I mean ?

    Best regards
  14. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    'Guidance'? :))