Finney7 LSWR T3

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by FuntleyWorks, 3 November 2017.

  1. FuntleyWorks

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    Now I'm in the right place :)D) it's time to add some updates to the T3.

    Image-2.jpg Image-3.jpg Image-1.jpg
  2. Herr Flick

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    A very neat and tidy job.
  3. dibateg

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    Looks like more of that invisible solder has been used!

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  4. FuntleyWorks

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    With the Armstrong now at It’s new home attention can return to the T3. Quite a leap forward since the above pics, and not much in between I am afraid. I meant to add more updates but it seems to take up a lot of time as those that do update regularly will agree with hopefully!!

    BB1798CE-1B79-413C-9519-7CBCAFAAD4C0.jpeg 8743DB76-1B29-4BD6-BBC7-7640FD147606.jpeg CF88CDC9-9D55-4D67-94D0-26F8DB6F3ACF.jpeg A9430540-2CAF-471C-AF37-1BCE44E26CEF.jpeg F50E59FB-1296-426B-9C8C-B6364E603CF3.jpeg D86E2667-26CE-4228-91E4-532F40FBD151.jpeg D240D859-5996-4DE0-BC85-1323EB342311.jpeg FF88CC34-11C3-438A-9869-1744ADF44F8B.jpeg 72332A80-D914-48ED-9854-A8F0C9E3E6B6.jpeg 8DB5CE32-4F6D-4DEA-B528-034B7CFF2D76.jpeg CBE4FF8D-0D6E-45B1-B3A4-8B14705EC961.jpeg
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    Wow!! very neat work.
  6. FuntleyWorks

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    DSC_0504.JPG DSC_0506.JPG

    A couple more pics of the T3. Just the brakes to do and a few more details then it's off for paint
  7. FuntleyWorks

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    6552444C-A3E8-4A8D-87E9-CFC0B49C004C.jpeg E686E1D2-C9BC-4F7C-BE41-3B3D044FF400.jpeg B6CA3D35-CABD-4BEF-843F-F491D0F93FEE.jpeg 05C19A6D-C40B-4800-911F-C14E3078D909.jpeg 29A2BD75-7380-4885-8757-819FE821D4B1.jpeg 6703BCB3-03B8-4239-9056-3D4056E68D97.jpeg D1CE7E27-BAA8-4C96-A02B-C1C9C506B080.jpeg FCBFAF12-6FFF-4BAB-A2CF-EF69F8FD6E96.jpeg 685759FB-3068-4F88-A408-4E12DFCDCDBA.jpeg 3AE28577-F01A-4724-B9E2-04994541B73A.jpeg 93078621-5C97-40BC-B75D-3C0C19B29531.jpeg F1A926CC-B7EB-4DC8-8273-53416506082F.jpeg AAF4B6E1-F99C-4611-9B8E-C1869386376B.jpeg All done now and ready for delivery tomorrow to the village of Osset :D

    Another fantastic and pleasure to build kit. A few mistakes along the way but all down to me and certainly not the design of the kit.
  8. FuntleyWorks

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  9. john lewsey

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    Absolutely STUNNING
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  10. dibateg

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    Gumph!, you must use even less solder than Richard Lambert! Very very tidy...

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  11. FuntleyWorks

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    We are in competition Tony! We are only allowed an inch each for our T3 builds!! :eek:
  12. Dikitriki

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    That's glorious! It's such an elegant locomotive.

    I feel the need to do something grimy and BR ish:)

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  13. adrian

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    I suspect he's just found a supply of brass coloured solder.
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  14. FuntleyWorks

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    Shhh! Spoilers!!
  15. FuntleyWorks

    FuntleyWorks Western Thunderer

    Finally over the finish line! A few pics of the finished loco.

    20180903_010543.jpg 20180903_010606.jpg 20180903_010616.jpg 20180903_010633.jpg 20180903_010640.jpg
  16. Paul Cambridge

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    The ‘Like’ button is inadequate. That is stunning. Mind you I’m biased as the LSWR is a favourite railway and the Adams 4-4-0s were very elegant locomotives.
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  17. Pencarrow

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    Absolutely superb.
  18. Bob 81C

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    Simply stunning.
  19. David Taylor

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  20. Jon Nazareth

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    A beautiful model but, what scale is it?