7mm Finney7 West Country - 34023 Blackmore Vale

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    For those of you who have kept an eye on my own WB thread I made mention of other on going builds. One is the 51xx and here is the other. I've been itching to build a Finney Light Pacific for some time but could never justify it would be a bit of a stretch to see one of these in the East Riding!! So I was over the moon when I was approached to build one of these iconic Southern machines. The build will be Blackmore Vale as running 3rd June 1960. This will incorporate the 4500G tender with the high raves, prior to being cut down in 1961. Research has found a cracking picture of her at Exeter in June 61 in this state;
    34023 Exeter June 61.jpg
    Copyright is Gerald Robinson, downloaded from Filckr

    I've also got a few other pictures to work from, a couple from Roger Scanlon, already posted elsewhere;
    This is too early as there is no AWS fitted as yet, but still a great front end view
    Here you can clearly see the AWS has been fitted and the tender is still high sided
    34023.  First Shot.  Nine Elms.  6 July 1967.  FINAL.  Photo by Brian Dale.jpg
    And finally this great atmospheric shot. One of @oldravendale own collection

    So onto the build. I'm not going to do a full blow by blow account as @mickoo has already done a fantastic job on his build, but I will show progress here and detail how the builds will differ. I'm already quite a way on with the frames;
    The frames are construction as per the instructions. The three point compensation has been used along with the Finney Hornblocks. The system is simple, straight forward and robust. The rocking beams are not fully fitted as yet as they may need minor adjustment for ride height. The front section is steel wire sleeved with brass tube;
    And the rear is the usual Finney set up; DSCF4378.jpg

    The main frames are fully finished, theres the front brake brackets to fit and the bogie splashers. The ash pan has been completed all but for the damper linkages, which will be the next job. This area is probably one of the most difficult things I've constructed from etched parts but well worth the effort in the end. DSCF4377.jpg
    I've reached my picture limit so onto the next post.
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    In addition to the work on the frames i've also constructed the bogie and delta truck; DSCF4384.jpg DSCF4386.jpg
    The bogie incorporates it's own side control, which works really well. I have added a vertical spring as an addition to keep downward pressure on the bogie as it has a tendency to ride up in the curves. The Delta truck has a piece of 0.8mm steel wire for both side control and downward force. On advice i'm going to deviate from that and use a different system. More on that later. So a quick shot of progress so far, more to follow soon I hope; DSCF4383.jpg
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    Great work Mick, really looking forward to the rest of the build.


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    I've got one of these in the to do pile which I suspect will be either 34033 or 34066. Will be interested to see how you get on with the build. To be honest the prospect of my own build scares me somewhat...
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    It's a great kit. Hours of fun await!

    Fit the drawbar at an early stage: if you don't it's very difficult to locate. I worry that you may have this trouble already.