Fixing Loco Lamp Lenses.

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  1. Prairie Tank

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    I have come up with another high tech, scientifically tested invention. This time for tackling the very fiddley job of fitting lenses into loco lamps. Blu Tak Sausage (Pat Pending.....NOT).

    Take a small piece of Blu Tak, roll into a sausage shape and then pick up the lense by dabbing the Blu Tak onto the front of it.
    A dab of super glue is put into the lamp socket then just hold the lense in place for about 10 seconds. Pull Blu Tak away and you are done.

    John :)

    20190216_083737.jpg 20190216_080507.jpg 20190216_080637.jpg 20190216_080713.jpg 20190216_080740.jpg 20190216_080750.jpg 20190216_080802.jpg
  2. Dan Randall

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    I bought some Modelu brake van lamps at Bristol, so this is a very useful and timely tip - thanks John. :thumbs:


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  3. Jordan

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    Seen the tip before myself, but I am seriously impressed by your taking the photos with both hands fully occupied..!! :) :D ;)
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  4. Prairie Tank

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    LOL Mrs PT took the photo's, I did ask her to hold it for me but apparently her nails were a mess :rolleyes:

    John :)
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  5. unklian

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    You could try clear PVA. aka. Canopy glue , might give you more time ....
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  6. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    That is a very good idea, thank you.

    John :)