Fred Phipps Diesel kits

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    Can anyone please tell me how difficult the above are to assemble, also is it a complete kit or are extras required?
    My only experience of resin kits are two Slater 7 plank wagons.

    When it comes to fine detail modelling I tend to use a chisel and two pound hammer.

    thanks for any advise.

  2. You need to supply wheels, gears, motors and pickups or a battery pack and radio control.
    The best wheels are the cast iron from Mark Wood, which will set you back the best part of ?200. You will need two motors at the minimum: one for the loco and one for the train, plus sprockets and chain - just as you would with 7mm diesels.
    I suppose these extras will increase the price to less than twice that of the kit alone, but you can also spend more if you are so inclined.

    I am part way through building a 22, and have been for some years as it stalled about 4 years ago (nothing wrong with the kit, other things to do). The resin body moulding is simply superb, as are the nickel-silver etchings and the assorted whitemetal and brass castings. In terms of quality, it cannot be faulted. There are one or two minor errors in the etchings, but Fred draws you to them (re-drill a hole) so no problems there. To fit the grilles, you file a 45deg bevel on the etching, and scrape the inside face of the opening 45 deg to make it a snug fit, and super glue in place. This is reckoned to be the "worst" part of building the 22. There are some intricate soldering bits to assemble (e.g. the steps under the buffers) but the etchings are well designed and go together easily. You do need a reasonably powerful iron for the bigger soldering joins, and you also need to solder the whitemetal bogie side-castings to nickel stretchers. I suppose you could glue and pin here, but I prefer soldering where I can. Small detail bits for the body (grab handles, etc) glue into place with super glue.

    I have a 29 kit: this has rather more origami to it, as it was Fred's first kit and there is a lot of etched brass (much prefer n/s) to form for the body shell - cabs are resin.

    Having seen but not assembled a Warship, more seems to be cast into the bodies, and they may be easier, but not having built one, I cannot say - there are others here who have.

    Are they difficult? I do not know how I can answer that. I make a bit of a mess of bending up one of the fuel tanks (quite difficult to make a mess of this task) due to getting cocky and not taking enough time: I spent a lot of time filling with solder and filing back to correct the error I had made. I have also modified the chassis somewhat to suit my ideas of how I want it done. Folding up the cab interiors is fun: really clever and some photos of the process/parts/end result are attached.


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    Any more shots of the kit?  :)
  4. Yes, lots.

    And when I am a bit more organised, I will create a thread and upload them: I tried to keep a record of progress as I went along.
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    Hi Simon, yes would love to see a thread on this build :drool: :thumbs:

    Rob :wave:
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    No pressure, Simon, but we are all waiting  :))  :))
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    Many thanks for your prompt response. The photographs look very interesting, I will be looking forward to further

  8. I am dangerous under pressure.

    I go to pieces so fast, everyone else gets wounded by the shrapnel.

    (If I had been building a Warship, that would have been very apposite.)
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    Oh wow, that piece gives a new meaning to "Origami in Brass"..!!! :eek: :scratch: :bowdown:
  10. Ahem, pay attention at the back there - Nickel Silver!
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    Oh bu**er... :shit: :shit: :shit:
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    That's a really informative and helpful response Simon, it makes me think that I really ought to get on with D6315. Perhaps we ought to start a joint Class 22 construction thread to see if I can catch you up. Your pictures are very helpful and quite incentivising :scratch:

    I wonder who will finish their Class 22 kit first?  You certainly have one heck of a headstart on  me, but the thought of two of them in green and looking at that Peter Barnfield picture again sure gets the old adrenalin going :)

    One thing though, my D6319 only has one motor fitted (driving on two axles via delrin drive chain) and I think this is possibly sufficient, certainly for a relatively small indoor line.

    Outside of course, time and Mk 1s will tell.

    But then a maroon B set would be nice for Wadebridge to Bodmin and Helston replications, dream on....
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    Well, at least you have the benefit of saying 'here's one [s:3qzbrgqp]I[/s:3qzbrgqp] someone else completed earlier!'... ;) ;D
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    Thought I'd put some photos up of one of Fred's Warship kits in its 'as bought' state. I'd conveniently forgotten that I've had it two years now, so whilst some glue was drying, took the opportunity to remove it from its packaging and have a good look-see.

    First up is the box, a good quality sturdy item that takes the completed model


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    Now that bulkhead is a quality resin casting... great detail; just shows it can be done.

    The body is good as well, of course, but the bulkhead caught my eye as it's such a contrast to what I got in my O scale Class 22 kit... :scratch:

    [img width=600 height=368][/img]
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    yes thats some fine resin casting id like to see the class 22 resin body has anyone got an image? please
  17. See here for more, but in brief:

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    Does he have a web site

  19. No.

    But you can look here if it helps.
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    Thanks Simon for posting images . :thumbs:Now if i sell this and sell that.............