Fred Phipps Diesel kits

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by hoppy504, 23 October 2010.

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    Over on my FS32 site, Kelvin White is offering his more or less complete Fred Phipps Class 22 for sale, below is what he's posted:

    A few years back I bought D6335 – a well made Fred Phipps kit that only needs windscreens cut & fitted (I have the patterns) and battery & RC fitted (or wipers fitted if track power is going to be used). The locomotive is painted green (no yellow warning panels) and is lettered and lightly weathered. I’ve determined that it is too big for my indoors ‘Lower End’ layout I have under construction.  It is looking for a new home – the asking price is £500 which includes special delivery within the UK. Photo available. Please contact me off list if interested.

    If anyone is interested I'll happily pass on to Kelvin, (if you don't already know him or are not a member of FS32)

    The most important question to ask him is if it has Mark Wood's (superb) wheels fitted.
  2. I have seen the loco. It is well made, but the wheels are solid discs.
    It is still a bargain, as it costs less than an unmade kit plus motor and gears.