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    Aster/Accucraft news

    Thinking generally about Gauge One 1/32nd scale, folks might like to know that an e mail just received from Accucraft/Aster today announces more collaboration info & various new products.
    The one uk modellers might like the most is probably a re run of Aster's BR Standard locos in both kit & rtr formats. The rtr will include a lined black namer 'Camelot' & a lined green loco. Originally these had only a short production run. The new ones will have a SR high sided tender. (New RTR rrp is £4200 I believe.) No doubt their website will have full details. Something for some lucky Thunderer's Xmas list perhaps?
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    Nit-Pick of the day, which doesn't affect Isambard's conclusions: Collaborations and Associations, but no Merger.

    The distinct companies are:
    - Accucraft, namely Bing Cheng in Union City
    - Accucraft UK under Graham Langer in England
    incorporating the Gauge One Model Railway Co, whose founder retired​
    - other Accucraft dealers around the world
    - Aster Hobbies in Japan
    - Aster Hobbies UK under Andrew Pullen
    - other Aster dealers around the world
    - various factories in China who make engines under the separate Accucraft and Aster brands.

    [Bowande is a separate (only slightly overlapping) conversation.]

    I think a lot of customers are going to be very happy with today's announcements.
    Accucraft August News | Accucraft UK Ltd

    For the Aster kits, there are some relevant build sequences in old G1MRA mags (join up and get access to pdfs of the lot) and on my Gauge One Railways forum:

    David 1/2d
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    Hmmm. Already sold the classic car to build the railway in the garden.

    What can I sell to raise some funds? I know......:D Actually, no probably not. I don't want to do my own ironing :oops:
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    Hi David,
    Thanks for clarification on the business arrangements between the two companies.