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  1. georgeT

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    Hi Guys thought l would open a workbench thread to show my scratch building efforts at the moment l am scratching an LSWR T9 with eight wheeled water cart 30338 in BR lined black.. DSC06322.JPG DSC06323.JPG DSC06324.JPG DSC06325.JPG

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  2. Peter Cross

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    It's nice to see you recording your build here.
    Once I've finished the, 0935, I want to do one of the T9's older brothers, an X6 by Adams.
  3. AdeMoore

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    Nice work George I’m gonna learn a lot from this thread.
    Keep it coming.
  4. georgeT

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    Thanks guys, after making huge errors on the tender following a drawing that was not 100% correct, lets hope l have no more problems.. DSC06339.JPG DSC06340.JPG DSC06341.JPG

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