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    Good Morning Everyone

    Having just joined the board I thought you might like to know a little about me.

    I was up until quite recently modelling Swiss Narrow Gauge but having just moved to a smaller house and have a much smaller modelling footprint I have decided to model in 2mm fine scale.

    Back in the 70s I was serving in the RAAF and was for a time-based in Butterworth Malaysia where a friend and I created an N Gauge layout. In those days a loco would run around the track for a couple of minutes and then expire. I venture on to OO but was only marginally better than N. Tried US for a short while, but it did little for me, so I wound up with Swiss Narrow Gauge.

    In returning to N Gauge, I found the Peco track somewhat clunky. Now that is not to say that the product is not a good one, well, to be frank, it just annoyed me. I then stumbled across 2mmFS which was more to my liking.

    It has been something of a trial. I have successfully built some wagons, but the track building has been my Achilles heel.

    The problem area seems to be the common crossing jig. Probably, my soldering skills still need some honing. I am getting a lot "leakage" of solder into the "insider" surfaces of the track which then interferes with the smooth running of the rolling stock.

    Recently, a milled common crossing has been available from the 2mm Society some I am trying those to see how I go. Hopefully, I will have my first crossing completed sometime today; I have been working on long enough.

    Living in the Adelaide Hills is about as far from the UK one can get so focusing on a particular area is difficult relying on books and magazines for information. In my "informative period," my modelling interests were greatly influenced by the likes of David Jenkinson and the Settle and Carlisle although I have progressively moved southwards and have become centred around the SDJ.

    On the other hand, I do have a 1:1 garden railway passing right by my model room window.

    Kind regards

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    Welcome to WT, Geoff! I rarely visit other railway modelling forums, since WT is probably the friendliest one around, and filled with the best characters and helpful people.

    You may have noticed that we like lots of photos. We compare it to our main currency, if you like. Looking forward to seeing your modelling (and the 1:1 garden railway as well!) when you’re ready!

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    Hi Geoff,

    Welcome to WT - everything that Heather says x2


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    Thank you, Heather and Mike.

    Heather, I did have a wander around your website, and you turn out some nice stuff; I am envious.

    Two friends in Melbourne turned out some beautiful O Gauge models. One scratch built, including the wheels, an Midland Railway brake van and gifted to me. Must take some photographs and post them.

    I have been trawling through WT; what incredible amount of information.

    Thanks again for your warm welcome.

    Kind regards

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    You may not be aware but there is a nationwide association called the British Railways Modellers of Australia - see There are quite a few members scattered around Adelaide and many are very good modellers, although I can't think of anyone in Adelaide who builds their own track, especially in 2mm.

    I live in Brisbane so I am probably not much use to you. I can only encourage you to persevere with it! Despite having built track for the last 40 years (in 7mm) I still have trouble with it and find that most crossing work needs a little "fettling" to get it right. I don't use a jig for vee crossings and I can only imagine how wide flangeways are in 2mm. Perhaps a resistance soldering iron with the rail pre-tinned on the bottom flange would help? I find a small screwdriver with the blade sharpened like a chisel makes a very good scraper for getting rid of unwanted solder.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you for your email. Co-incidently today was the day that my local newsagent received MRJ 268 which featured your lovely layout. A most enjoyable read. In your article, you were lamenting the lack of local prototype modelling stock when you took up modelling. How things have changed; almost everything one could wish.

    We have some other things in common. I lived in Dee Why all my life up until I joined the RAAF in my late teens. I would hastily add I precede you by quite a few years. In those days I had little interest, well none, in model railways instead I spent most of the time on the beach. Although, I must admit I did have a little interest in the prototype.

    On a posting to Sydney, I regularly attended meetings mainly held at the late Doug Bocking's house. Gill, his wife, was always gracious despite the turmoil. Peter Betts was a regular at those meetings. One night Ralph Lacy came to a meeting during a visit to Sydney. He was visiting one of his children if I remember correctly. He was absolutely delighted to be able to ride in a railway carriage built by the Leeds Forge Company on the suburban network. Although built in the late 1920s for Sydney suburban network they were still operating into the 1970s. How did he know that company built them; well it was proudly proclaimed on the threshold of each door, and he told us so!

    I am a member of the BRMA, but I find it difficult to get to meetings as most are around an hour away. I really don't enjoy driving in the suburbs of Adelaide. It's a pity as you say there some very good modellers in the group.

    Thanks for the help on soldering. The flangeway in 2mm is 0.5mm, so it doesn't take much to fill it.

    Thanks again.

    Kind regards

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  7. Scale7JB

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    Might be worth using chemical black on the surfaces that 'don't' want solder on them..

  8. Chatty

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    Now, why didn't I think of that!

    Outstanding thought JB.
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  10. Graeme Lewis

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    Thanks for your response and your comments on the MRJ article. It is lovely to hear from someone who lived at Dee Why. I often used to surf at Long Reef - although when I say "surf" I mean paddle out, catch a wave, fall off, swim back in. Very good exercise. These days I'd look too much like a seal to the white pointers and bull sharks, so surfing is best avoided.

    Peter Betts is still very active and it was only four weeks ago I was helping him operate at a Sydney exhibition.

    0.5mm wide flangeways - good grief! Scale7JB is spot on using chemical blackener - the other thought is to use a permanent marker.

    Best regards