Grahame's N/2mm bashes

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    Yep, many of the buildings have been demolished often while (or since) I have been making them. Even Colechurch House and London Bridge Walk is now slated for re-development which is a euphemism for demolition.

    These are still around and I've started undertaking some finishing and detailing work on St Thomas's church (making and adding doors, the round windows, ridge tiles and the wall with the arched door way between the courtyard and the one in front of the Georgian terrace):

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  2. Grahame Hedges

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    Here's a couple of pics I don't think I've posted before (apologies if I have) that might be of interest, although they're probably similar to others that have been shown and with just a little progress:


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  3. Grahame Hedges

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    I've been sourcing detailing items for the construction/building site. These are mostly 3D prints purchased on-line that have been cleaned, prepared and painted:


    The palletised cinder/breeze blocks and cement bags are from Shapeways. Of the three cement mixers the centre one is a white metal kit (Thameshead Transport Models I think) that I've had for a while while the other two are 3D printed efforts recently acquired - one from Shapeways and one from DM Models. I've added new larger wheels to one of them as they both had tiny things like castors (as can be seen on the other) which I'd guess would make it hard to manoeuvre over a building site. Since the photo was taken I've found some other wheels and replaced those on the other mixer. But overall, and bearing in mind their small size, they are probably all acceptable for use as detailing items.
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    Modelling seems to have taken a back seat recently for reasons I can't seem to put my finger on. But here's a gratuitous photo I recently took that might be of interest. It was set up to illustrate some N/2mm buses, an AEC Routemaster (made from a BHE white metal kit) and a Leyland Fleetline DMS (converted from a Cars Workshop Hong Kong bus model) at a bus stop for an article about N gauge London buses. It was just quickly and roughly mocked-up using unfinished building models and a bit of cardboard for the road:

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    "A bit of cardboard for the road" Was it Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin that sang that?

    Compliments on two excellent models, the wheels in particular make them look the business.

    All the best

    John Ross
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    All looks very good. It shouts 1970/80s London. Excellent.