Greetings from Suffolk

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  1. Hi all,

    Time to introduce myself. My name is Mike and I’m from Suffolk (sounds like an introduction from one of those TV game shows). I’ve been lurking on the forum since 2013. @Osgood convinced me to come out, so here I am.

    I started dabbling in 0 Gauge (FS) about 15 years ago. Then, thanks to @Dogstar I was rapidly converted to Scale 7 at Reading in 2007. Despite this pedigree I’ve no layout and limited stock. Initially work, then domestic affairs, coupled with a butterfly mentality and bouts of the black dog left me with lots of projects started but very little completed. I retired six years ago, thinking there should be nothing to hold me back. Tempus fugit… Status Quo. There, that’s all my schoolboy Latin used up!

    My planned layout is based on Aldeburgh, probably most famous for Benjamin Britten and his music festival. The station was a terminus fed by a single track branch from the Ipswich/Lowestoft line some nine miles distant. There was an engine shed with the usual loco servicing paraphernalia. A goods shed and sidings to serve local coal merchant etc. Some licence will be applied (Rule 1) so the layout is more pleasing to the eye and to provide better stock movement options, while still keeping the essence of the original track plan and station.
    The last passenger train from Aldeburgh was in 1966. Sadly, nothing remains of the station or environs – now a housing estate.

    I know the rule; photos are de-rigueur.

    Hope this post works.

    Be kind

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    Hi Mike and welcome. I hope it wasn't too difficult in coming out !

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    Good to hear from you

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    Hi Mike,
    Good to see you on here mate. How's the layout build going ?
    ATB, Col.
  5. Thanks for the greetings Ian, John and Col.

    Here is a photo of inside my new Railway Room after laying close on 40sq.m of carpet tiles.

    The layout supports are bolted back together and the new baseboards are just placed on top. I will start new Railway Room and Layout threads to share my journey with my old and new friends here.

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    Welcome Mike!
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    Hi Mike,
    Good to see you here.
  8. Phil and Pete, thanks for the welcome. Lets hope we can meet again one day soon. ;)
    Stay safe.