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    I thought it was about time I posted something in here. I see from my profile I have been a member for nearly 3 years, but haven't done much modelling in that time.

    My main interests are in narrow gauge (although I have been known to indulge in Standard Gauge occasionally). Since being furloughed from work, I have rediscovered my modelling mojo and started work on some stock for a freelance Spanish H0e layout.

    Once I make sufficient progress, I shall start a thread to describe my modelling.

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    Welcome to the forum - glad you've posted
    Sounds intriguing - I always like to see something different so is it based on any particular region in Spain? The reason I ask is that I tried the link in your signature but that just sent me to a login page for wordpress. I'd be interested to see what you have so does it need publishing or something?
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    Oops! I was in the blog adding some pictures and just copied & pasted the link. I have now corrected the link in my signature.

    It is based (very loosely) on the Olot & Girona railway in North East Spain, a metre gauge railway that operated from 1895 to 1969. Originally financed and built by British interests, a lot of the Victorian rolling stock was of British outline, and much of it lasted almost to the end of the line in 1969 (The original Falcon of Loughborough locos were replaced by locally built ones in the 1920's).

    My model (when I build it) will be a freelance interpretation of the O&G, H0e is 762mm gauge for a start, and 2 of the locos I have bought for it are the Liliput Austrian U Class 0-6-2 tanks, very similar to some Krauss built locos that ran on the neighbouring FC de San Feliu de Guixols a Girona (SFG).

    Coaching stock was originally supplied by Cravens, then later supplemented by some German/Austrian coaches. I think I can represent the Cravens from some kitbashed Dundas models 'Victorian' coaches, and the German/Austrian coaches will be represented by a couple of Liliput 4 wheelers & a Bemo (?) bogie coach that I have picked up over the years.

    Goods stock was mostly 4 wheelers, the O&G was very fond of wagon turntables as a means of moving goods wagons around in yards. My goods wagons will be Dundas & Ninelines kits, although I also have a couple of Triang Hornby & Playcraft vans that I am narrowing down, plus I have a kit for a Slaters NER birdcage brake van, which I am planning on using to represent a fourgon.

    I have attached some of the sites that inspired me:

    Spain - Olot - Gerona Railway 1968
    El web del tren d'Olot: EL FERROCARRIL OLOT-GIRONA
    Cotxes C8 i C11 a Olot
    Història del tren d'Olot
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  4. Lancastrian

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    Hello Paul,

    Good to have you here. Your project sounds very interesting, and it's always good to see something different grace WT. :thumbs:

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    Hello Paul

    As I am another Lancastrian and also a new member, welcome.
    The metre gauge links look fascinating, best of luck!

    I don't have much modelling to show as yet, but I've dug out one of my photos from Wigan....taken in 1967.