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    Here at Crymlyn A Shop the Boyos have won a contract (ref AM33/7) from Peckett to construct a locomotive for the Alexandra Docks and Railway company. This will soon be absorbed by the Great Western Railway and renumbered 679. Most of the parts are in stock for its construction but unfortunately our foreman is concerned about a lack of these new fangled photograph things of the prototype. Several are in hand of a sister locomotive numbered 680 but this, apparently, had different cab side sheets and some other minor details. Would any of our readers be able to help our overstressed foreman with some photographic evidence as he is making the Boyos lives a misery?]
    We are guessing the only function of the extended cab side sheets was to make it difficult for the crew to access the rear part of the running board?
    img368 (2).jpg
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    Given the flat rear spectacle plate, could the extended cab sheets possibly be fulfilling a secondary role as coal bunkers?

    Edit : Scrub that idea - just found a picture on the CSB Models web site, which clearly shows coal storage inside the rear of the cab and the fact that there's no room for storage behind the extended cab sides, due to the proximity of the saddle tank....

    CSP30 Peckett 0-6-0ST Class "B1" Ex GWR 680

    (It must have been a bit of a chore filling said bunker!).


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    To further illustrate Dan’s comment above, this photo shows the bunker full but there’s more than a hint that the extended cab side sheet was little more than cosmetic.
    680 ex-ADR_2 at unknown loc.jpg
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    I've had a look at some Peckett and GWR absorbed engine material:

    The locomotives are reputed to have been supplied by Peckett in 1886 and 1890 (from Absorbed locomotives of the Railways Act 1921 into the Great Western Railway).
    Neither this nor Russell's GWR Absorbed Engines give Peckett works numbers.

    The only two shown in Frank Jux's Peckett Works List which tie up are:

    Wks no 450 0-6-0 B1 Class named 'DAISY' del Jun 1886 to Isaac Llewellin, Newport Old Dock
    Wks no 465 0-6-0 B1 Class del Jn 1890 to Newport Alexandra Dock Co

    Neither official Works photo is shown in the IRS book of Peckett Album of Official Photographs, which is a selection from the Peckett photo collection is held at NRM - so you might have some luck at NRM? The pictures are also supposed to be available to view on but I can't get any joy there.

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    I sure I've seen a photo of 679 somewhere. Can't get to the bookshelf at the moment but I'll have a look next week when I get home.

    Rob ( on a different continent to his railway room)
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    They were taken into GW stock in 1922, and are not in RCTS Engines of GWR Pt 3 Absorbed Engines 1854-1921, but might be worth checking Pt 10 - Absorbed Engines 1921-1947 which I do not have.
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    Dusty or what?
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    Yes please.
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    When you indicated your boyos were going to build a 'soon to be absorbed' locomotive - is your preference for a picture of the original Peckett, or as it looked after rebuild by GWR?
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    Shame on the 'boyos' of Crymlyn A shop for not having a copy of "The Locomotives of the Great Western Railway Part 10 Absorbed Engines 1922-1947" by the RCTS . A bible for Welsh engines and railways .
    But never mind it does agree with Osgood's ref. ie.
    GWR 679 ex ADR 18 was Peckett 465 of 1890 .
    GWR 680 ex ADR 19 was Peckett 450 of 1886 .
    There are also pictures of both engines which confirm that 18 had shorter side sheets in line with the cab front .

    Hope that helps, Ian
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    I knew I'd seen it somewhere :)
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    Judith.jpg I am revving up to make one of these in 7mm from the Agenoria kit.

    I believe this was one of the favoured Stamper designs but I still expect some clearance issues as this is one small prototype.

    I was inspired by this high res shot of a private owner B1 named Judith in Stafforshire. Seems as though there were not many of this design built and I'll bet very few kits were sold in either scale.
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    As rebuilt please.
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    A bit like this. Boiler/tank just sitting there.
    Only have etches so castings will be problematic unless a sourse can be suggested by anyone
    Also have no clues as to suitable motor. Not much room as it's so small.

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    Have you come across the book 'The Newport Docks & Railway Company ' by John Hutton (Silver Link Nostalgia Collection)?

    Three views -

    a 3/4 front left view of No 19 taken in 1905 showing what looks to be a purely cosmetic extended side sheet, LH sandbox set maybe 4-6" further back than No 18? photo LCGB (Ken Nunn coll).

    a 1905 view 3/4 front left view of No 18 at Pill shed - std cab, no side sheet extension. (but with vertical handrail at cab front below waistline strip). photo LCGB (Ken Nunn coll.)

    and a 3/4 front right view of No 19 with extended side sheet, taken 1932 at Oswestry shed - other than GWR 680 plate and a GWR toolbox on running plate, pure Peckett. photo RM Casserley


    (Edited to add more detail)
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    Thanks Tony, I have two R/H views of 680 on shed which may be the same as the ones you mention at Pill shed but, not having a copy of the book, I am uncertain. I also have a copy of the one at Oswestry. I have a front 3/4 L/H of a rather camera shy 679 taken, I believe, in Weymouth. I understand the lower extended cab sheet on 680 was purely cosmetic looking something like LNWR design. Crymlyn A Shop have yet to commence work on 679. At present the boyos are erecting a chassis for a Peckett W4 contract and have successfully fitted a pair of Slaters Horn blocks on the leading axle. This experience will prove beneficial when work starts on 679 as anything bogger than an 0-4-0 really needs some kind of compensation for successful running.


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    That's a lovely picture!
    Also noted that both were built with curved wings to the smokebox front plate, but which look to have been removed from both engines by GWR.

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    If you can scan those early pics I would be most grateful.