GWR (ex ADR 18) 679

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    2F07301F-12EA-49CE-965B-DC6DC2F811E8.jpeg BA7B4E38-34C2-4057-BC52-87BAA2281C9B.jpeg 2F07301F-12EA-49CE-965B-DC6DC2F811E8.jpeg 2F07301F-12EA-49CE-965B-DC6DC2F811E8.jpeg I have almost completed 679 with no problems. I have used a Dragon Models 15/25 motor with the supplied motor mount and Branchlines 40:1 gears. Wiper pickups as suggested but but move them forward of the sand pipes (reverse positions).
    use a Dragon Models 15/25.
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    I just found your post while looking for something else. I tried to reply on my phone last night but the only thing it did was to move this post to the top of my list???
    Anyway, I have used a Dragon Models 15/25motor which fits without having to cut the other end shaft. They make a 15/35 which is very powerful and with the shaft cut may be the same length but the curvature of the tank may be a problem. Ragstone Models are reintroducing the Agenoria range on behalf of Mike Williams and may help you with the castings if you ask them nicely. My 679 is virtually complete and in Dai the Paint's studio.


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    Thanks for Ragstone tip Dave. That's looking very neat indeed. You might remember I used ABS castings which were hard to prize out of the Swain horde. I would have liked the combined dome/safety valve but used the short ABS one. I might change it if Ragstone can oblige.

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    Very nice. I’m spraying the green at the moment. I’ll leave it a few days to harden before masking to spray black. Hopefully be reassembled by next weekend. Just noticed from pictures that the lower part of the chimney is painted green the same as the tank. Most unusual !
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    GWR 679 rests outside Graig Wen loco at the ALSRM Reading show and the prototype at Weymouth in 1929. Note the locomotive carries no id on buffer plank or tank side! It is also remarkably clean!


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    I managed to squeeze one of Dragon Models 15/25 in without cutting the shaft, flats to front and back. 40:1 gears with the supplied Agenoria motor mount but I did have to elongate the slots.
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    In case of any interest, two pictures of 679 on the Tanat Valley line in this excellent history of the line:

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    Unfortunately the pictures oar of 680 with the LNWR style cab side sheets. 679 was sent to Weymouth before being sold to, I understand, a contractor based in Moriston.