GWR Oil Lamp Tops

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    Last year (I cannot believe it was that long ago) I attached a PDF of a 3D build of an Oil Lamp Top in Heather's Broad Coach Build
    Well after a long gestation I have finally got them printed by Shapeways in Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic. They were drawn in Fusion360 at full scale and then scaled down to 7mm using the drawing from the GWRJ. They are for my coach GWR E19 that I am building it shown here with the test print the Lamp Top and Bung

    I have attached a couple of photos, Sorry about the quality but its difficult to get close ups on an iPhone

    IMG_5255.jpg IMG_5269.jpeg

    Also I have had the Bung holder printed.

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    Very nice piece of work and worthwhile. Now tell us about the construction of the carriage... especially the light in the end wall.

    regards, Graham
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    A long time ago I purchased from OPC a GA drawings of the E19 coach, with the plan to recreate the photo of the Shipston on Stour
    Shipston-on-Stour Station: View of the station from the goods yard prior to the loading dock being built in 1914 and showing a GWR 0-6-0ST at the head of a one-coach train (not sure I allowed to show it here)
    The plan is to build a S7 model of the station as is was in the late 1890's
    The model is made up of the technique of cutting up Slaters GWR 4 wheel sides. CPL did a etch but I never feel etch looks as good as the thickness that Slater coaches have around the windows. The only issue that sat unhappily with me was the ducket that Slaters have on there coaches which was the wrong shape.(see photo below) With my new skills on Fusion360 I learnt while my house was being rebuilt after my fire, (luckily my workshop was over the garage which was detached, so other than my complete collection on MRJ, BRJ and GWRJ , all my models and tools survived)

    The ducket was designed to match the slaters mouldings. I made it so the moulding between the ducket and end could be accurately reproduced which I originally done by plastercard but was never happy with.

    Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 14.14.59.png Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 14.13.52.png

    I then cut old ducket and installed the printed version IMG_3825.jpg IMG_3823.jpg

    As to the end window. I cut out a window from a Slaters side, Then it had to be shortened in height to fit the size required. Then with a thin piece of plastercard made a moulding above the window then filled the gap around to give a smooth finish to the moulding.


    The photos show the difference between the Slaters and my duckets.