Hairy Bikers and Other Petrol Heads

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by eastsidepilot, 20 March 2020.

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    Very nice, I particularly like the pedestrian slicer on the front.:D

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    At that height, more of an impaler.
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    Wot, knit one, pearl one ? :D
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    Totally out of place on this thread but I hope some of you like this shot:


    A couple of points that may be relevant.

    First, the MSVCR badge, we had some great bikes in the Far East back in the 1970s. The mention of valve lifters reminded me of a friend’s Brough Superior. The pent roof head is also present on the Riley 9 engine though with only two valves, not four.

    Second, only after buying the car at auction did I notice the headlamps are Marchal. Quite why I’ll never know as I have history only going back to 1957.
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    Not at all Paul, I've altered the thread title to suit.

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    More on the Percy Riley (PR) 9hp engine. This one belonged to a now lost 1933 Monaco. I rebuilt the engine in 1979 then sold the car due to being transferred to Texas. I took the wrong car with me, a real MG TD, not knowing there were many fake ones built on VW chassis. But it went yo a good home eventually.

    The Riley 9 revolutionized light car design, with two in block camshafts and short push rods. The front view shows the location of the camshafts and the rocker covers.


    The cylinder head with new pistons:


    The design was later used in the development of the ERAs.
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    I see Eastsidepilot has appeared on Old Bike Mart's homepage this week. Nice one Colin. Old Bike Mart Colin.JPG
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    Careful typing there ;)
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    A bike I had for a few years in the early 2000's. Bought on EBay brand new in the early days for about £400. No problem registering or insuring it. Fairly dodgy beast, as you could go round the gears - 6th to 1st with no problem. It wouldn't do much over 30, but that was quite fast enough, being the cheaper end of Chinese.
    Extremely useful for taking stuff down the tip......

    [​IMG]2018-10-26_01-20-37 by giles favell, on Flickr
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    Looks very like a Honda 50 motor, but I assume a Chinese copy.

    You’d want to be fairly cautious about roundabouts too, I expect?

  12. Giles

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    If I recall it was a 125 or thereabouts, and yes - Chinese copy of Honda. It had a basic diff, so it wasn't too bad in that way, so long as uou took it fairly easy so as not to fold the front end under.....but the build quality was awful in every respect.

    No helmet required. I once turned up to the Ace Cafe on it - much to everyone's bemusement.
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    I've been lurking for a while in this thread but bikes don't apply to me. I am bad enough on four wheels let alone two. This is my toy taken just over a year ago. It has unfortunately not moved this year, partially due to covid (didn't want to risk it failing on me and getting stuck somewhere) and partly as I've not go it reliable yet. Won't start at the moment again so I have got to strip down all the plugs and leads again. Seriously considering a 12v conversion as its a bit beyond me!

    The Beast.jpg
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    A top banana pickup there, Al!

    First thought was "They're rather big winch rope guide rollers, and why 5 horizontal ones?' - then realised it was the grille :rolleyes:
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    Like the truck Al. I had a later offering from Flint, Michigan in the form of a Chevy Scotsdale, some years back now.

    Chevy Scotsdale..png I've stayed with a Yank but moved to Chrysler in retirement.


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