Hello from a very cold Kidderminster.

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    Hi every one. [​IMG]

    My name is John Phillips, I am 27 years old (twice) and am relatively new to railway modelling. Having being born in 1963 I missed the end of steam by virtue of not being able to remember what I use to see from my Dads car. [​IMG]

    Living close to Kidderminster SVR station and having always been interested in steam engines and trains in general I thought it was high time I got into railway modelling. I have always enjoyed making models and painting miniature figures, however I prefer to do something with them rather than have them as ornaments so I use them for Wargaming. In the same way model railways move and look great so the appeal is double to me, however I am totally new to this hobby and work full time as well as doing a lot of commission work on figures, this leaves me with very little time to spend on building a lay out so I have been saving my commission earnings and have used it to get a small layout professionally built.

    This is my first ever proper model railway, I have owned several train sets over the years, the first way back in 1967 at the age of 4. I have been fortunate enough to make friends, via a model railway forum, with two great guys, one a very experienced, talented model railway owner and exhibitor, the other a very knowledgeable railway enthusiast. I also live next door to the gentleman who runs Kidderminster Railway Museum so I have lots of help and advice on tap.

    I am looking forward to making friends on here and learning from the members who are so very obviously light years ahead of me in talent and modelling skill.

    All the best, John [​IMG]
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    Hello John! Welcome aboard.

    As you probably realise, lots of photos of work - past and present - is the Western Thunder currency.
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    Hello John and Welcome to WT :thumbs:

    Would be interested to see some examples of your figure painting.
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