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    My Name is Danielle and I am from Switzerland. I am a big fan of narrow gauge Garrats from Southafrica. I had the pleasure to ride a train with the swiss NGG13 Garratt then owned by the Schinznacher Baumschulbahn. I dream to have a model of this beauty! So I decided to build one for myself. Actually I am gathering all kind of informations and pictures.
    My main hobby is scatchbuilding model boats. I've done a 1/32 FV Cornelia Marie from the tv serie and a italian trawler in 1/24 scale (made that for a friend in Italy who did not want it in the end). Actually I am building a 1/10 scale trawler from brittany.
    I hope to learn a lot reading the forum.
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    Welcome along Danielle, look forward to seeing some of your work on here. Boats, planes, vehicles, military, and sometimes even trains grace these pages.
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    ...but always with lots of photos.

    Welcome to WT Danielle.


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    Hello and welcome Garrattfan.
    As Mike says, lots of photos please :thumbs:

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    Here are 3 pictures of my model boats....
    FV Cornelia Marie
    M/p Nuova Loredana (today Massimo Tanfa)

    French Trawler "Mady-Jeanne" (my moms name)

    Here my 3 live steam locomotives from england....

    Picture 1 & 2 are spiritus fired...

    And this one is coal fired...