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Discussion in 'New members' started by DaveJ, 24 April 2020.

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    Hi just joined.
    I model LNER North Eastern, usual boring mid 30's stuff.
    Some of you on here I know already, you will groan, but you can't escape.

    Anyway if anyone wants to see what I have been doing or not doing I have a thread on the LNER Forum called Daves C&W works, a very imaginative title I know, which no doubt will arrive on here.

    I exist at the centre of the known universe, York, someone has to.
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    Welcome, Dave

    You need to reread that star map. I’ve been told time and time again that OS Maps: online mapping and walking, running and cycling routes

    is the centre of the Universe. But I don’t know anything - I’m heavily 30A biased


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    Hi and welcome,

    You're both incorrect of course:
    "...if we see the nebulae all receding from our position in space, then every other observer, no matter where he may be located, will see the nebulae all receding from his position. However, the assumption is adopted. There must be no favoured location in the Universe, no centre, no boundary; all must see the Universe alike. And, in order to ensure this situation, the cosmologist, postulates spatial isotropy and spatial homogeneity, which is his way of stating that the Universe must be pretty much alike everywhere and in all directions."


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    Thank you all for your welcome.

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    Well, I’m a Yorkshireman, so we can ignore all these remarks from t’ offcummed ‘uns on t’ list and enjoy a reight good crack abaaht t’ owd Lanky.
    Hod ‘ard though, tha said LNER, and that’ one o’ them lines as come from Lunnen. Ah well, at least Toya’s in t’ reight place, and mekkin’ t’ best of what’s around you.

    - and welcome, from a fellow newcomer.