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    Hello to all on Western Thunder. I have decided to join you all in the group, so a little bit about myself. My name is Paul James, and have been modelling in 4mm EM for many years now. I started out in EM way back in the mid 70's with the old Hereford MRC. I then started going out to exhibitions with layouts when I became involved with the Ilford & West Essex MRC's EM layout Eastwell. I was partly responsible for the creation of the ofshoot Eastwell Ironstone Co layout, in its many forms until it stopped being exhibited in 2001. I later became one of the crew exhibiting Wibdenshaw with Kier Hardy, but have now moved on with Kier to Hornsey Broadway. For my pains, I have now become one of the crew exhibiting Canada Street and an "O" gauge layout called Blowers Green, which has also resulted in my dabbling in 7mm. Looking forward to exchanging views and ideas with you all. I shall now attempt to upload a photo of my latest work in "O" gauge which has recently run on Blowers Green. 25211 on Blowers Green b.jpg

    Paul James.
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    Welcome to Western Thunder Paul and what an excellent introduction. :thumbs:

    Looking forward to seeing further posts from you, especially more pictures of Blowers Green. :)


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    I think Dan expressed it well, I look forward to see more of what you're up to. That photo you've posted is very evocative; I was dragged up on the southern end of the West Coast Main Line and well remember seeing 25s in service looking just like that.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    About time someone posted a photo of a decent locomotive. :)
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    Hi Paul,

    welcome to WT, I look forward to seeing more of your progress photos - they are the standard currency on here.