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  1. John Duffy

    John Duffy Western Thunderer

    Just a quick note to say hello and introduce myself. I suspect I am rather late to find this site but saw it mentioned on the GOG forum and recognised a number of familiar layouts, names and faces.

    I'm currently modelling a station on a Great North of Scotland planned branch line in 7mm. The New Aberdour line is an 8-mile branch from Fraserburgh serving fishing communities, farmland and quarrying. This is my first adventure into 7mm and my latest addition to this project is shown here;


    F4 no. 67164 brings in the branch passenger service into Rosehearty, the intermediate station on the New Aberdour branch.


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  2. Dan Randall

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    Welcome to WT John. :thumbs:


  3. LarryG

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    Welcome to WT. I like the appearance of your modeling and look forward to seeing more.
  4. Focalplane

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    Welcome John, like you I joined recently. I have gained a tremendous amount of encouragement and advice from WT members over the past 6 months.