7mm Heyside: 7mm L&Y, late 50s/early 60s

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    Some of you may have seen John's figure painting elsewhere. He has now had the opportunity to place some on the layout, and I took a few photos. The thing that struck me is that despite having painted 50 plus, they have just vanished on the layout. It's good to have him on board, especially with his fresh eye and boundless enthusiasm.

    'Guess the layout' competition........




    Hmmmm, he looks familiar. A bit far north?




    The gent with the posh car has got himself a girl-friend


    Last time I saw him he was making 7mm clothes' pegs for the line.:eek::eek:

    I like this last picture - a quiet time at Heyside:


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  2. P A D

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    A tantalising view of the Ivatt tank. May we see more please?
  3. 7mmMick

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    They really add atmosphere Richard, excellent:thumbs:
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  4. Steph Dale

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    He is, rather! I know I'm not the first to say this, but while the figure of Bulleid is instantly recognisable it's also somewhat cadaverous. :eek:

    It's nothing to do with John's figure painting, I know @Yorkshire Dave had the same problem when he used the same figure. I'm not sure Mr Bulleid would welcome the comparison...!

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  5. Dikitriki

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    Since John is working so hard on the Heyside figures, it seemed unfair not to let his locos have a run out.

  6. Dikitriki

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    The pub is progressing. The landlord has hired a new barmaid to increase the custom:)


  7. isambardme

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    Well, what can I say? She's an outstanding contribution! :);)
    Perhaps some old character sat in the corner drowning his sorrows would add a certain something?

    Well done,

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  8. isambardme

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    The evocative trainspotting lads take me back to my own spotting days at Waterloo, Paddington & King's Cross with spotters book, duffel bag & sarnies...simple times......Life seems to have flashed past since then, as in a dream...Hmmm... Better go & lie down for a while...!:drool:
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  9. Dikitriki

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    The pub interior has moved on. I'm hoping we can get some better in situ pictures tomorrow.

    Pub interior.jpg

  10. Pencarrow

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    Hi Richard,

    Figures looking great. Spotted Bulleid immediately. Here's my version of what is I think the same figure:

    post-126-0-28938900-1525028911 (1).jpg

    Bulleid and Betjeman not looking impressed with the AC Railbus...

    I should add these were painted by a chap going by the name of Purple Primer.
  11. Yorkshire Dave

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    My version of Mr Bulleid - painted by myself... Interesting seeing the variants and differing painting styles.

    Iden Road 08.jpg
  12. Pencarrow

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    Gets around doesn't he!
  13. Peter Cross

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    He must be using the Bug.
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  14. Yorkshire Dave

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    Nah... one of these :).

  15. Prairie Tank

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    A huge thank you to Richard for letting me invade this wonderful BR Midland Region lay out with a couple of proper loco's :D;):thumbs:

    Here is one of the interlopers...……..

    20190130_150716.jpg 20190130_150723.jpg 20190130_150704.jpg 20190130_150711.jpg
  16. Yorkshire Dave

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    Apologies for being a pedant... I was looking at the station name and running in board and think the typeface is a bit heavy on some of them.

    Ideally the font should be Gill Sans which is very similar to but not the same as P22 Johnston as used by LT (I've spent time researching the LT font for my own signs).
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  17. Prairie Tank

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    Flippen heck you have a brilliant eye for detail Dave. I would never notice any thing like that, especially on a lay out like this, I was too busy tripping over my Tounge when I first had the pleasure of seeing it.

    John :)
  18. 76043

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    I noticed too, Dave's spot on. All hail the font spotters, a new splinter group from the original rivet counters, we can often be seen with Macintoshes (laptops, not coats, obvs) at the end of platforms looking at signage.

    My favourite is the use of Helvetica on a 1930s layout, it was designed in 1957 or Times New Roman on an Edwardian layout before it was designed in 1931. But the biggest travesty is using Helvetica or Arial for BR blue signage, you need the Rail Alphabet font, which had bigger x height than Helvetica.

    If you're really keen you can buy the BR corporate identity manual for £75, because if your 08 is air braked, then you absolutely must have the Rail Alphabet too.

    British Rail Manual - The Corporate Identity Manual Republished

    But you can get it for free here.

    British Rail Corporate Identity

    Anyway, attached is a copy of the BR sign manual, which I am claiming to be reusable without the need for a licence under RPSI regulations.


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  19. Dan Randall

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    Hi Tony

    I was given a very poor (and nowhere near as comprehensive), photocopy of the BR Sign Manual many years ago, so your attached pdf will be very useful to me. Thanks for posting. :thumbs:


  20. Prairie Tank

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    Those are very handy manuals, nice one Tony. :thumbs:

    This issue is now being discussed at the highest level by the 'Font Spotters' action group, whose are easily distinguishable from the rank and file 'Rivet Counters' by virtue of their Suits as opposed to the universally chosen attire, the Anorak.

    I suppose they are the model railway words equivalent of 'The Men in Black' :cool:

    John :)