High Street (A working Title)

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    Well, I wrote a whole load of spiel here about the background for our new layout, the idea behind it and all sorts but I have just lost it all so tough, I may come back and add some details another time. That'll teach me to write straight into a forum rather than do my usual trick for long winded posts to do them in word. So here is short abridged version!

    High Street is just a working title as we can't decide on a name, though I like the generic nature of it. The plan is that this will be a generic layout to allow us to alter the era and area with a switch of stock/road vehicles/signs. The idea is to be able to run trains through a scene rather than mess around running things round and shunting.

    Anyway, here is the work in progress:

    New Layout 1.jpg
    New Layout 2.jpg
    New Layout 3.jpg
    New Layout 4.jpg
    New Layout 5.jpg
    New Layout 6.jpg
    New Layout 7.jpg
    Hopefully Cam and I will continue to make slow progress with our weekly meets, plan is to fit the bridge next week but I don't think it will be ready. We should be in a position where we will have all the track down in the next two week.

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  2. john lewsey

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    Looking really good
  3. paulc

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    I do like the fact the its built on arches , reminiscent of the streets around the back of Holloway road where the houses were built up to the archways . I don't know how people lived in them , or slept .
    Cheers Paul