Hospital Gates - Closing Down

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    Initially conceived as a replacement for our EM gauge shipyard layout 'Walker Marine' and our first forray into 7mm scale. 'Hospital Gates' as we eventually named it - 'Asylum' was an early idea for a name - was heavily influenced by the Whittingham Hospital line - though elements from other sites were also worked into the overall design and scenic finish.

    Interestingly the layouts initial premiss evolved over its course of construction and with the addition of the skills of several othe rmodellers better known for BR Blue era modelling in 4mm scale became the focus and the first model from the workshops of the East Riding Finescale Group (as we are now known).

    The result of our first three years of fumblings in 7mm scale can be seen here in a selection of photos by Steve Flint.
    The first of which shows a similar view to the most often published shots of the Whittingham original.
    The weathering and finshing of the trackwork was paramount in creating the worn out and ramshackle look (which the layout was planned to feature from the very start).
    Although havily influenced by the Lancashire original the architecture of these places was not particularly regionally influenced. Therefore the stock selection is a good indication that we see our model located further South and more towards the Welsh border (in our minds anyway). ;D

    As can be seen the details and finish do not stop at the door on this layout. In fact several of the structures that you would really struggle to see into in normal viewing conditions still feature fully detailled interiors (we just enjoyed doing them). ;)
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    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :thumbs:

    Just look at that lovely 'derelict' trackwork... a joy for the Dark Side mind to behold :drool:

    The last picture reminds me that I acquired a similar hut from this very group of modellers that has lifted the standards of my own layout no end... :thumbs:

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    There was a large US army hospital in Kington
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    I followed 'Assylum' religiously over on 'the other' forum..

    Fantastic layout..!

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    Yes I saw the early stages of this layout on 'the forum that dare not speak it's name'  ;D...........superb modeling  :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
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    fantastic works, love the engine shed and it's surroundings - very envious.


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    As one who is involved in this layout, thanks for the comments. I am one of the 4mm BR blue modellers that Neil mentions but having seen that Heljan 31, well, who knows? Don't think the boxes of 7mm track in the workshop will help  ;)
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    For this sort of 'up close' modelling you can't beat 7mm
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    Lovely Job fellas, great attention to detail :thumbs: :thumbs: The East Riding you say.......... Gods Country :thumbs:  :))

    ATB Mick
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    Cheers - but please dont be envious.......its just a train set!

    Our intentions by way of posting pictures and details of the model is merely a way to solicit questions on the model and its construction (well ones we can answer.........! ;)). That way share our approach with others. Likewise take on board any suggestions or learn new things ourselves. ;D




    Mind we think it looks more atmospheric in period black and white.......
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    Ah yes the escaped hut!!............. initially it was bult for Hospital Gates intended to go where the dark wooden hut can be seen in the background of the close up shot of the Hut with the guy sharing lunch with his cat. However it just didnt look right (too much like the signalbox we didnt want) and so it was cast addrift in favour of something a little more ordinary.

    Good to see that it has found a good home in a similarly finished scenic setting.  :thumbs:

    As for the track - took some time but we are pleased with the results - amazingly doing it led to a few  folk berating us at shows and by email for doing it as it wasnt the done thing ::) and would clearly stop the layout working....which it doesnt!!. ;D .............we keep the rails clear and give the flanges clearance - plus the height and sheer weight of the locos helps.

    I guess we are just a bunch of rebels!! :))

    Mind trying a small 4mm industrial on EM trackwork with the same level of finish was like landing a Phantom on the Ark Royal!!. :eek:
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    Blimey has it been that long since an update!:oops:

    Hospital gates seems as popular as ever with outings to the BRM oncaster show ..........err as I post this and York in a few months. With a trip North of the border we presume in June....... (on the list but not actually heard anything as of yet!:D


    Mind as with all of our layouts we develop and improve as we go along. Changes have been made to the main hospitals vitals stores building with the canopy over the side track changed plus we have altered the Hospitals motive power allocation to include a warmed over pair of Ixion Hudswells.


    Complete with somewhat relaxed crews!



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    To stop me wandering completely off topic and diluting the thread on Alans Outwell layout I have brought this question over here as it related more to Hospital Gates.

    In answer to your question regarding the Pecketts on the layout.

    We did use a pair of the smaller W6 Pecketts both of which started life as Eric Underhill/Zero Zephr kits (one of each of the boxes are to be believed). Both aquired already built though both needed new motoes and gearboxes (plus silver chips) to suit the layout.

    Both of these locos can be seen in the shots in the first post on this thread.

    The third Peckett (a larger 33T example) is a Slaters it aquired unbuilt along with a few wagon kits from a local model shop where it had been traded in a few minutes earlier for 4mm rtr.
    Seen here when first painted and lined (and before it was toned down and weathered to be more in keeping with the rest of the layouts stock and period).

    I truth it is a bit large and heavy for the line and will likely be replaced at some point if we can find something more in keeping (anyone got a home for a 33t Pecket?);). Likewise we withdrew the W6 number 2 in favour of a smaller Hudswell Clarke which is also o the transfer list (unless I suddenly decide to build a small industrial layout to feature it).
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    Speaking of Hospital Gates - this was printed in the local rag last week, I thought it might be of interest.

    My father in law used to live in the second cottage just beyond the station, he was the onsite plumber/ handyman. He said it was a good location as they never ran short of coal for the fire in winter!

  15. Rippers

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    Ah yes the trio of ex LNWR brakevans converted by the hospitals own woodworking shop to rudimentary passenger stock just after the war to replace the lines motley collection of pensionable ex company coaches which were literally falling apart.
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    What a great subject for a modelling project! :D
  17. Rippers

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    The stock and the line are both great ideas........and those on here who know us will agree how apt it is!

    Thee were 15 plus of thse lines around the country with many offering modelling potential. High Roydes in Leed for example could be done in about 6 feet (infact a fair representation of it could be made in a trainset 6x4!).:D
  18. Rippers

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    Well fellow modellers a bit of a conundrum to share if we may. Can anyone please identify the supplier of the white metal figure of the old bloke seen here sharing lunch with a cat?
    A favoured and much commented on cameo on the layout however the old chap seems to have gone astray somewhere between the layouts show at Epsom a few weeks back and last weekend Bridlington show. As such we are keen to source his twin brother as a substitute to re-complete the scene as the cat is lost without him.
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