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  1. Ian Rathbone

    Ian Rathbone Active Member

    Here are a few of the projects completed in 2018 -

    Built by Phil Gomm, 7mm

    Built by Ray Wilkinson.

    GW Bullion Van, builder not known.

    And the other side!

    LNW van with 'Pryce Jones' roof board.

    GCR 1167 built by Steve Duckworth (4mm)

    A trio of GNRI 4-4-0s, Mike Edge and Alan Edgar.

    Millwall Extension Rly No. 6, Paul Berntsen and a MR van, Tony Sullivan.

    I will be demonstrating Painting and Lining at the Bristol O Gauge show on 27th January. If you are going and need advice, or just a chat, pop by.

    Ian R

  2. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    Superb Ian, your work and book have been invaluable in my efforts to paint and line. I'll be at Bristol on the Masterpiece Models stand so I'll try and get around to catching up with you Sir.

  3. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    All look very nice.
  4. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Those are wonderful, Ian. I'm especially pleased to see the Millwall Extension Railway Manning, Wardle - I'd no idea what the colours were until now and the result is just the most gorgeous thing.

  5. ScottW

    ScottW Western Thunderer

    As always, Ian your work is impeccable. :thumbs:
  6. Dave

    Dave Western Thunderer

    That little Manning Wardle is lovely! Is it a kit, or a scratchbuild?
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  7. Ian Rathbone

    Ian Rathbone Active Member

    The Manning Wardle is scratch-built except for the motor. I have painted a number of Paul's scratch-built locos, mainly narrow gauge plantation railways to 10mm scale, plus his 7mm GWR De Glehn compound. All beautifully made. The livery of the MW is taken from Carter with additional input from Jim Connor of the N.E. London History Group, and the photos published in MRJ.

    A few more from 2018 -

    MRcrane-1.JPG MR 15T Crane by John Henshaw (7mm)

    Roundhouse Models 'Lilla', lining only.

    LNER 1292, built by James Bryan

    SR 738 built by Graham Varley.

    Isle of Wight Central Rly No. 10, Hornby.

    Thank you all for your kind comments and 'likes'.

    Ian R
  8. mswjr

    mswjr Western Thunderer

    Lovely workmanship, I am interested in the Penrhyn loco lining, As i am building linda in that livery, Can i ask how do you get a square edge on the corner curves, Do you have to finish them with a small brush,or is that straight from the bow pen, Thankyou Garry
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  9. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Agreed - the instep on the corners is an interesting variation on the panels and as you say the finish is incredibly crisp.
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  10. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Gorgeous beasties.
    Your work is totally inspiring - especially those GCR locomotives. :thumbs:
  11. Ian Rathbone

    Ian Rathbone Active Member

    Garry, the process is quite slow. The blue lines are quite thick so they are best achieved by ruling two touching thin lines to avoid flooding. The straight lines are done first, as near to the correct length as possible. Let them become touch dry then with a spirit damp brush and cocktail stick cut the lines back to their correct length, using dividers set at the corner dimension to get the length right. If a line is too short extend it with a fine brush. The curved bits are brushed in with, as usual, a W&N series 7, 00 brush, taking note of the slight overlap between straight and curve. Corrections are done by stroking with a spirit damp brush.

    Ian R

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  12. mswjr

    mswjr Western Thunderer

    Thankyou, And that sounds alot easier than it actually is, Think i will need quite a bit of practice to get half as good as yours.
  13. Ian Rathbone

    Ian Rathbone Active Member

    A few more from 2018 -

    GWR 5900 built by Mike Morris

    LMS 10 built by Mike Edge

    LNWR 2420 built by Martin Wyatt

    LNWR Coach 392, one of a set of four built by Ray Wilkinson.

    I have just finished this magnificent beast, built by Bill Davis -

    Ian R
  14. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    I do like that black LMS livery, just enough lining to always look near and tidy.
  15. Ian Rathbone

    Ian Rathbone Active Member

    It's been a while since I last posted so here are a few projects completed this year. First off is a scratch built Castle by RCP Models.


    This is Tom Mallard's L12 (see his thread) before he added further detail and light weathering


    At the same time I painted an L11, built by Neil Kinnison. No. 440 was one of only two to have Westinghouse brakes, for hauling LBSC stock.


    And to complete the southern trio an ex LBSC D1 by Mike Edge.

    By way of a change, one of these is a genuine Bassett - Lowke CR Dunalistair, in good condition considering it is at least 100 years old; the other is a resurrection job. They are both the same colour, it's just the light.


    This is more like it - plain black and no transfers! I also got to build it.

    Ian R
  16. Ian Rathbone

    Ian Rathbone Active Member

    A few more from 2019 -

    A pair of beautiful Britannias built by Pete Silvester. 70032 on shed at 82G.



    A Midland coach built by Ray Wilkinson, a brake compo, quite rare.


    Then the LBSC Directors' Saloon, being built by Charles Osbourne. I only had the body but it involved hand painting four large coats of arms.


    My other construction project completed this year, from the Gladiator kit, an LMS 2P. It still needs weathering and a crew. Pictured on 82G.


    Odin, Denmark's first locomotive, scratch-built by Nick Baines. A full size replica was completed this year by the Danish Railway Museum and the model was based on that. It features real wood cladding to the boiler, no brakes on the engine and clasp brakes on one side only on the tender. Weird.



    And another Masterpiece repaint - I've done three of these now.


    That's it for now. More tomorrow if I get time before I go to Guildex. Drop by my demo stand for a chat.

    Ian R
  17. Ian,
    Fantastic work as always, hope life's treating you well. I've been discussing sourcing and using cellulose paint on another thread here, and the sourcing bit is proving a little challenging in Ireland. I have found one company, but ideally I need the RAL codes for the colours, rather than have to bring patch panels for colour matching. Would you happen to know the RAL codes for the following
    1) LMS crimson
    2) Midland Railway Red
    3) LMS Freight Grey (2 litres)
    4) LMS Freight Bauxite (2 litres)
    5) LMS Roof Grey
    Thanks a mil
  18. Ian Rathbone

    Ian Rathbone Active Member

    Darren, I'm sorry but I don't know the RAL codes for the colours. For LMS and Midland Crimson Lake I use a cellulose paint matched to Precision LMS CL which, in my opinion, is an excellent colour. In your area there must be a paint supplier for the local car body shops. The one I use likes a wet and a dry sample to match. So go to a body repair shop and find out their local supplier.

    There will not be a RAL code for the greys and bauxite. All the greys used by the railways were a mix of White Lead and black in varying proportions. Bauxite was red oxide with a bit of black in it. All you need is white, black and red oxide to mix your own, just keep a note of the proportions - it's all I do. 2 litres sounds a lot!

    Ian R
  19. Ian Rathbone

    Ian Rathbone Active Member

    And a few more - first a basic Sancheng A3


    A rather more sophisticated model, a Finney 7 V2 built by Richard Spoors. This will come back to me for some gentle weathering.

    Mucky Duck / Flying Pig / Ivatt Class 4 2-6-0 beautifully built by Graham Varley from the MOK kit. 43017 was a Horwich build, hence the Grey/Cream lining along the valance.


    6011 is a scratch built coarse scale loco. Nicely built by an unknown builder some years ago but unfortunately from the Roche drawing, so contains some basic errors.

    Now a big 'un. A gauge 1 A4 in early BR blue.

    Finally, at the other end of the scale, a 4mm SECR Class P, built by Karl Crowther. A rather cruel enlargement considering it's about the size of one of Charles Newton's driving wheels

    That's it for now.

    Ian R
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  20. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    That Mucky duck looks pretty damn good in its workaday finish.
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