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    As a fairly new person to G3, I probably need some help.
    My project is to build a garden line (it's Australia, so the weather is better for this, I think). Despite this, my main interest is scale modelling - details and accuracy (I've done S7 until my recent house move)
    I have bought a live-steam engine, even though I have no idea as yet how to run it (Station Road Steam had what looked the ideal loco. for me (<>) although I will probably start off by finding a way to build an L&Y 0-4-0ST (radio-controlled battery-operated) before I get my "Dyak" to run - I'm a bit nervous about boiler explosions .... I am following the L&Y "pug" project on these pages in hope and expectation - but where is it going and how long will it take?
    Anyway, in the meantime I am starting to build wagons - a Mike Williams MR 3-plank kit and a Woodbury Models open wagon also, with a Peter Korzilius flat wagon yet to be started. Perhaps I should do a 'blog comparing (nicely!) the kits - they are just SO different.
    Woodbury wagon partially assembled.JPG
    I've done a little work in S7, but this is very different in some ways. I like working with real wood, for instance! The S7 kits I have done have been straightforward, though challenging at times (see my 8F 'blog elsewhere on WT) but the G3 ones are a new challenge - I have never previously had to decide things like how many sets of brake blocks, etc., and don't really know how to do this - or what type to use. For example, the Woodbury open wagon: I've looked at pictures on the 'net, in Bob Essery's book on Midland wagons, but they all look like they have brake levers and blocks on both sides - yet the written info. on the web suggests they often only had one. Where should I look for this info.? I've only bought one set of brake gear, so far.
    Lettering. Again the 'net only provides so much info., and it's all in B&W of course. Midland wagon grey, I assume, though this seems to be a very variable shade .... I don't have a very steady hand, so the idea of painting lettering on the sides of LMS wagons is daunting. Can I get transfers anywhere? If I want to order them, what font did the Midland or the LMS use (I can't find this info. anywhere), or do I have to scan photographs?
    All help gratefully received. Not many local resources to call on in the Blue Mountains, NSW!
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    Welcome to the fun world of Gauge 3.
    Im also in a far off country from most (USA).
    For details on Midland wagons, the best source is Midland Wagons by Bob Essery. Alternatively, theres a good few photos on some websites online with a lot of midland freight photographs. One such is The LMS - Introduction and Background. Plenty of goods yard photos.
    Midland grey starts out as a light grey but darked due to polution, and repairs were painted with "smudge" which was a running batch of greyish paint the works had from all their extra paint.
    Transfers, lucky for you, Slaters does transfers for Midland/LMS in G3. Just shoot him an email and Im sure he can assist.
    But for printing your own....good luck as there isnt really a "font" for older letters. Your best bet is to find the dimensions and cut your own templates which is what Ive done for MR, LNWR, and L&Y wagon lettering.
    Most midland wagons were built with brakes on one side, however due to regulation changes made by RCH, they had to be rebuilt with brakes both sides but a good few slipped through the cracks for years before any works visit.

    And it IS satisfying building wagons with real wood. Though Ive gone further and actually bolt them together like a masochist.

    Sorry if Ive missed something obvious in your comment.
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    just a quick note in passing (busy day today), MR lettering/transfers - look at Slaters. If you PM me your address I'll get a bit of a pack of info together for you. Lots of good info in Trevor's post above.

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    Good to see you here David. Fortunately there is at least one Midland expert ho appears on here,and he is a Gauge 3 modeller too, so he will doubtless pick up any weird questions the rest of us miss.

    Brakes - prior to the early 1900s most wagons had brake side side only and, as Spitfire says, many were later fitted with a second set but it too many, many years. Most photographs were taken relatively recently, which means they show two sets of brakes, but that in no way means that most wagons had two sets - it all depends what period you model.

    Your Dyak is a tried ad proven design which could work well. Get the boiler tested and then you will be fine. You could test it yourself but you need a test rig correctly calibrated, connections and a lot of messing about, so if there is a model engineering society near you get it done - much easier and safer. Steam is a steep learning curve so don't be put off if your first couple of runs don't deliver the performance you want. It os possible to get steam running slowly and reliably.