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    Perhaps I ought to start a new thread but I thought that the Western Thunderers might like to know what progress I have made, with your help.
    On the wagon front, we have progress as the pictures will show.
    Model D302-6 copy.JPG
    First is the assemblage with wheels. Importantly the suspension works, the wheels are at the correct height - shown by the buffers matching up with my other wagon.

    Model D302-8 copy.JPG

    So it is starting to look the part.

    Model D302-12 copy.JPG

    Next is to add all the gear under the solebars: mostly the leaf springs and the brake gear. The heights all appear to be correct, which is something of a relief. The picture above is slightly out of order, as it was taken after I have removed the wheels in order to paint the gear.

    Model D302-9 copy.JPG

    There are some other items to add, though: the brake lever racks, together with the chains which I have added, with the pins used to "pin down the brakes".

    The following pictures are of the largely completed wagon, prior to painting. I will admit that the load is not "to scale" (merely stones from the garden) but they hold the suspension compressed and so at the correct height.
    Model D302-11 copy.JPG
    Model D302-10 copy.JPG

    So there it is. Now to the painting.


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    The load in the wagon looks like potatoes albeit big ones :).