Ireland in the 50s - 5’3” in 7mm

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    5F027C2F-8163-4C9A-8278-3755C58C82EB.jpeg 1692085E-248D-440E-B62C-D03CB76CCD32.jpeg FF3BEBB2-26BC-4AE1-BC58-E3E9B9029569.jpeg Best introduce myself as I’ve been lurking here for a while. I’m fairly new to this modelling business and have already picked up some hot tips here. As the title suggests, I’m modelling western Ireland in the 1950s - an imagineered extension of the real life Sligo Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway, shared with the state owned CIE system, as happened on the final few miles of the SLNC approach to its Sligo terminus. As it’s an odd gauge, everything is scratch or kit built barring a Marcway turnout. If you want to know more, ask away! I will post occasionally here but most regular news leaks onto the Irish Railway Modeller forum. Now I know that daguerreotypes and lithographs are the coinage here, so who am I to debase the currency? It’s very much a work in progress. Disclaimer over, here’s a few shots...David
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    That is just beautiful.

    I'm very fond of the railways in the west of Ireland, particularly the GS & W Farranfore to Valencia. The family had quite a few holidays in Ireland and even only 20 years ago much of the infrastructure was still in place - signalling, signal boxes etc. I suspect it's all gone now.

    What a wonderful and spectacular railway that was too. I wonder if it had survived just a little longer whether it would have survived as one of the most scenic journeys in the world?

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    Thanks Brian. Must say I’m biased being Irish myself but the railways there had a certain charm. I was lucky enough to live there in the 70s and 80s when long stretches of track from Tralee to Sligo were simply abandoned and left to decay - fascinating to see ribbons of rusty rail wending for miles across the barren west. The Claremorris to Sligo track is still there, gradually fading into the grass. I have cycled the Valencia route and it was spectacular - as you say, pity it didn’t last just a bit longer!
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    I know next nothing about the railways of Ireland,but i do find them fascinating,especially the 40`s/50`s era.
    And the only other 7mm Irish layout i`ve seen was 'Arigna town' at the 2018 Guildex show,so i look forward to seeing some more of your layout David.

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    Thanks Brian - David Holman who built Arigna town has been a huge encourager. Nice to see another Conan Doyle fan!
  7. Brian T

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    I remember talking to David Holman,a very interesting and enthustiastic guy,to the point that when i walked away i was conjuring up plan`s of my own Irish themed layout!!.
    So i can see how he has encouraged you in your endevors..

    To miss quote the great man "the game is a foot David..." :D

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    Absolutely superb
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    Some more progress ... 2738A2E6-5BCF-4318-A3C4-60D8D3C4DE44.jpeg

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    Thay really are lovely photos. I particularly liked the gate,chickens and washing on the line. Actually they all look great
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    "Debasing the Currency" only occurs when someone slips in photos of the real thing, and claims it's a model they built....

    Tut tut.... :rolleyes: :) :D
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    So much atmosphere.

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    Good stuff :thumbs:. Looks terrific

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