7mm Kingswood in Scale 7

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Prairie Tank, 27 August 2019.

  1. Phil O

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    Sorry to be a bit of a nit picker but, I think that the lighting is a bit on the bright side and could do with a bigger resistor to reduce it somewhat, particularly for the tail lamp.
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  2. Prairie Tank

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    Hi Phil,

    I dont think that is nit picking, you have a very good point, they are very bright and could do with a yellow tint to the interior lighting.

    John :)
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  3. LarryG

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    A belated thanks for posting the pictures of the Suburban Mk.I's. They look fine and brass sides is ideal for these kind of coaches. The mention of hinges yet to attach intrigues me seeing as hinges look to be pressed into the coach sides. What are the loose hinges made of and how should they be attached?

    I hope that asking the above does not entail you entering forbidden territories again...:drool:

    Those figures look the bees-knees. Modelu no doubt.
  4. Prairie Tank

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    Flippen heck bud I am soooooo dicing with death...……………………...

    I have taken the hinges photo next to an O gauge loco lamp to give you an idea of the tiddley size of them. Yes figs are by modelu and thank you sir.

    John :)

    20191008_150911.jpg 20191008_151028.jpg 20191008_151338.jpg
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  5. LarryG

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    As you have probably used up all your lives looking after a fellow member, I thank you for the pictures and information. :)
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  6. Prairie Tank

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    Pleaz xcuse my typing I am stroggling two reech theee keeyz…..

    Jhon :)

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  7. Prairie Tank

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    I have just ordered these for operating the points on Kingswood.

    John :)
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  8. Stewart

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    They look good, who supplies them please?
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  9. Scale7JB

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    DCC concepts?

    They're very nice. I hope one day to have a layout with levers similar to these.

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  10. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    They are by DCC Concepts, they are out of stock at the moment but there are some available from shops.

    John :)