L&M Railway third class coach

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Mike Turner, 13 July 2018.

  1. Mike Turner

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    Hi guys

    Long shot I know but does anyone know of a drawing for a Liver pool and Manchester Railway third class coach, I would like add something other than first class behind a Hornby live steam rocket?


  2. Stevesopwith

    Stevesopwith Western Thunderer

    Google 'Liverpool and Manchester Third Class Carriage' then go to ' images '.

    There are several useful pictures of a replica vehicle at NRM, and a side drawing of a London and Birmingham Third which could give an idea of the main dimensions.

    'Parliamentary Trains' have a kit for a very similar carriage in 7 mm.

    Cheers.... Steve.
  3. Mike Turner

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    Hi Steve

    Thanks for your search. I contacted the NRM and they confirmed the have a microfilm with the following description:

    15735 London Midland & Scottish Railway G.A. of early 4 wheeled carriage, L & M centenary vehicles 3rd (LMS)

    Copy will be ordered next week!


  4. Mike W

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    I think the full size replicas all use a common underframe. Don't suppose there is any chance of finding any Hornby First class underframes and throwing the bodies away would be expensive.

  5. unklian

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    Hope these might be of use, sorry about the quality been scanned from slides taken in 1970 something . And yes that is the albert hall in the background. img010.jpg img011.jpg img007.jpg
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  6. Mike Turner

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    Hi Mike

    Having compared the Hornby underframe to the photographs posted by unklian and other info I am thinking if I do build the third class carriages I will probably end up re doing the under frames under the first class too as they are a bit 'flat'...