La Gaffe....a French Metre Gauge Mini In 1:32 Scale

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by John D, 22 September 2012.

  1. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    This project has been on the back burner for a while since since my other thread on this forum, but a rash promise to get it ready for Mr. Casten's 2013 Larkhall lark has galvanised me into action for the coming winter months. I've done a couple of low relief buildings for the end of the layout where the track appears from the storage cassette and these,together with the station building and a couple of walls, give the layout a very white appearance. This will be rectified when I figure out how to replicate the 'stucco' finish on the building walls which the French seem to like. Also I've had a etched sheet done for a coach and wagon underframe (basic) on which is also some handwheels, wrought ironwork for the coach balcony ends and a small selection of loco nameplates. Out with the plastikard again to do the bodies for the underframes.
    Whilst all this was going on I still had no idea of what to call the finished station/layout..... I wanted something 'different' and not to go down the ' allo-allo' the end the solution came quite unexpectedly. Last month my youngest son was marrieds in London, we went down and stayed in a small hotel in Hampstead which was.....'La Gaffe'...........loosely translated as a mistake,blunder or co*k up...... brilliant!!....and that was it, a 'eureka' moment. Already it's lived up to its name as when the underframe etch came back I spotted that I'd co*ked up some polylines on the artwork and some fold lines had thus not appeared....DOH! :headbang:






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  2. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    That loco is lovely :thumbs: and the buildings have the look to them already
  3. My son wants your train set!
  4. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    I want your train set.
  5. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    But's not a train set yet ....just a loco and a couple of underframes:'(

    OK then......todays starter for 10.....does anybody know how big a French coal briquette is ?........they seem to stack piles of them on the tank tops ,so I guess I'll have to get them looking something like. Having just written all that I realise that it's a bit like asking how long is a bit of string .....but somebody might known :)
  6. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    No idea about les briquettes, but the whole thing is shaping up really nicely. I particularly like the new underframes with their short wheelbase and long overhangs.

    I have found un autre magnifique Gallic exhibit for "Larkrail", there are going to be stripey breton tops all over the place:))

    BTW I'll definitely be seeing you all on the 6th with you know what, sorry about appalling admin etc.

  7. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    But I was planning to come as General de Gaulle ..........:confused:

    Top man.......send the form back....sometime...pleeeeeze :'(
  8. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Bit of a bind given that I'm supposed to be concentrating my efforts in only three different directions but thanks to this I've started to find myself drifting off towards French subjects again. Mind, how could I resist such quirkiness as this.
  9. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    Yes please ! What a cracking shot.
  10. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    If you haven't done done it yet...trawl the net for the old postcard views of the 'tramway a vapeur' (or 'tacot') then you sort of get hooked :)
  11. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    I remain utterly immune to such " quirkiness as this " by reminding myself of just one simple fact....

    It's French, in France. sick0022.gif

    I love the layout name, though!!! :) :thumbs:
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  12. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    And ?...........:)
  13. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Smitten a long time ago. Upstairs in the 'bureau of gloat' I have a David Provan set of etches for a 009 tram loco which one day will take its turn for my attentions.
  14. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    I thought that was self-explanatory..?? :rolleyes: :D

    ... and utterly hypocritical as well, seeing as I drive a French car.....:oops: