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    Good morning, and reight good it is to be here.

    I’m a Yorkshireman, or more correctly nowadays, a Northumbrian, for I’m living in what we now call Northumberland, though I have documentary evidence that the old kingdom of Northumbria included Leeds so I claim the best of all worlds.
    No surprise then, that when living inWharfedale, few yards from the still working Leeds to Skipton line, I was inveigled towards model railways by my next door neighbour, an accomplished exhibition modeller. So naturally I turned to something local, and the one railway with Yorkshire in the title.
    Then life intervened, and memberships lapsed, hose moves came and went, and apart from some idle speculation and passing years, nothing.

    but here we are, still with the notion of a doughnut presentation on hexagon based boards of around 3000mm overall. Two presentations, one side rural, one side industrial. I have acquired various loco kits of L&Y engines, and even have an entire layout - see photo - which I believe I may be able to claim as a size record. A wrongly liveried Pug and a sad wagon represent the entire model. The wagon shows the effect of an unplanned and unwanted plunge over a 970 foot cliff.

    A long ramble to say that I’m here because, firstly, I’m about convinced to work toP4 then I thought “do what Ivan (the next door neighbour) did, and convert to 7mm. Chunkier items, and you need fewer of them. But I either case, now, I need to consider the cost, and P4 or S7, stuff is eye wateringly expensive these days compared to the 1960s.
    So there you are. I’m here to drink in the atmosphere, ask questions, annoy folk by asking beginner stuff, and generally get in the way. If there was a club locally, I’d annoy them.

    Richard Wilson

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    Welcome Richard,
    there are good number of S7 modellers on this forum including me and as I'm sure you've see an S7 thread. Please feel free to ask us as many questions as you need answers. Might also be worth looking at the S7 website;

    Home - Scale 7 Group

    all the best
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    Welcome, Richard.

    A Pug-nacious post :D

    I have been informed that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Which is good, because they're my default (it's also default of others, so we're not alone). Asking smart people dumb questions is a good way for both sides to learn, in my opinion... It's a gift that keeps on giving.

    I dabble (and dribble..) in both P4 and 7mm (although the latter is very much a whim-based thing..). If you need anything in the former (including advice and/or support) then feel free to ask. I also have lots of track gauges and other stuff that can be provided if you need it. Especially now, when EBay is going Loony Tunes with Lockdown premium prices..

    You'll find this place informative and friendly. Try not to be intimidated by the amazing skills on display, and enjoy yourself.


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    Hello Richard,

    If you are a real dyed in the wool L&Y amn, then at present I would suggest P4 as there is more stock available in 4mm. In 7mm at the moment, things are rather spartan, however, that is hopefully going to change.
    It would certainly be worth your while joining the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society if you are not already a member.

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    You won't get anything L&Y ready to run in 7mm, but if you're contemplating S7 you're obviously prepared to do some work.

    There are a dozen or so loco kits, principally from Lanky kits along with some 6 wheel coaches and about 16 wagons, so there's something to be going on with. Have a look at also at Furness Wagons and MM1 Models.

    Good luck whatever you choose.

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    Me again,
    Just got back to the forum. Bad form, I know, to ask a question and then not monitor on a half hour basis, but, well, there are other things going on here.

    Thanks to all who replied. In no particular order of answers - yes, I'm prepared to work from brass plate upwards - there's a Myford sitting forlornly saying 'and where's all the fancy schmancy making of Norris mechanisms and railway parts you promised me? (Norris is a reference to the combined blade advance.slewing mechanism used on Mr Norriss' bench planes - different time using interest) But it was reading Guy's book about model loco making that made me think "How much?" as the price of a locomotive - back when my Princess Elizabeth in knocked down, assemble it yourself form from Hornby was about a fiver, or a weeks wages in real money. Half a century, no, more, ago.

    Lanky Kits? No, I hadn't run across them. There must be well into 4 figures worth of rolling stock and loco's to be 'needed' from there.

    LYR Society - Yes, I'm well aware - a long, long time ago I used to prepare the mailing labels for the Soc. Back when Barry Lane was the main editor. I can't find any current references to him. Hope he's still going.

    P4 or S7? It's sinking in to me just how expensive all this is nowadays. Last night I was dreaming about controls. There's all this new-fangled DCC nonsense. And they had to abandon 'Zero One' - which I see you can still find on eBay. I like the sound of DCC, but that's another couple hundred, it seems, for an elementary power supply and controller - and I still have my H&M chunky power supply and walk around on a string hand controller - somewhere.

    So much to decide over...

    P4 and use my 'stock' of kits, converting the bits of 00 stock? or sell it all and buy just a few S7 items to enjoy that chunky solidity that's the mark of cast iron real railways. And the finance? how to launder the funds through the auditors, and how to camouflage a 7mm layout.
    (But how do I hide a 3 metre circle of layout on 2 levels anyway.)

    Maybe I'll start with a modest diorama. Just to get the feel of things again.

    Thanks again folks.
    "I'll be baaack" - quote.

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    Barry Lane is still very much about. I spoke to him at the last Keighley open day. I was able to obtain some of his wagon number plates from him that I had originally purchased over 30 years ago.
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    OOh - thanks,

    I'll see if I can find some contact details - bound to be via LYRS I'd think. Or still at his old place, which used to be 'Over t' moor top' when I lived in Yorkshire.

  9. Michael Osborne

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    Barry is still at his house in Sutton-in-Craven. I had a very nice reply from him when he sent me the number plates. He is still modelling the big stuff G3 I think.
    I haven't posted his details here for security reasons.
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    Of course not. I have it here somewhere - in a past life repository of addresses.
    Thanks for the info though - I'll certainly look him up. (virtually that is)

  11. Lancastrian

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    There is an article in the current issue of the L&YRS Magazine by Barry about his G3 Pullman coaches.