Layouts destroyed at Market Deeping

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by John K, 18 May 2019.

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  1. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    On the BBC radio six o'clock news tonight, it was reported that the 4 persons arrested have been charged with burglary and criminal damage. There was also a voice piece by the Chairman of the MRC commenting on the scale of the damage. It sounded horrendous.
  2. Nigel Cliffe

    Nigel Cliffe Western Thunderer

    I agree with your Rob, but Pete would be wasting his time travelling. A case involving 10-17 year olds in England starts off in the youth court, and the public needs good reason for admittance to observe a youth court. Even at a court where one has a right to observe the proceedings, attempting to intimidate the court in any way would get one thrown out, or, just maybe appearing later on a charge of contempt.

    - Nigel
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  3. Focalplane

    Focalplane Western Thunderer

    When we returned to the UK from Texas in 2003 my wife was caught speeding on a dual carriageway in Coventry. The 40 mph speed limit had been introduced because vandals had broken down the central barrier to make short cut and someone had been injured. She didn’t see the sign due to heavy traffic. She went before the magistrate sure she would lose her license. In court there were youths ‘cocking a snoot’ at the whole proceedings while she was worrying how she would get to her next assignment as an underpaid temp at an Abbeyfield old peoples home. The magistrate told her not to worry but deducted 3 points anyway. The young offenders got off scot free. This would never have happened in Texas, quite the reverse. I think the UK is a very stress-inducing country.

    Just read the above post - were the potential offenders under 17 years old? In which case what were they doing out at 4 am and where were their parents?
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  4. GrahamMc

    GrahamMc Member

    Just had a look at the club's crowdfunding. They asked for £500. They're now at over £24,000. There are more good people in this world than bad.
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  5. DougT

    DougT Western Thunderer

    ...and 10 minutes later it passed £25k. This will make a big difference to the club, but I’m sure those that suffered loss would prefer not to be the recipients of such generosity.
  6. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad


    I'm deeply saddened by the wanton violence and my sympathies with all concerned. I'm not sure how I'd feel after decades of personal commitment to a hobby was so quickly destroyed, it wouldn't be a good place to be.

    That said I know that some strong feelings have been expressed against the perpetrators but I cannot see how that helps in this situation. I have my own views of suitable justice for the individuals concerned but I don't feel this forum is the place for it. It would arouse strong passionate feelings from both sides and that is likely to cause plenty of friction (and extra work for me try to placate everyone !). It was one of the reasons that the original rules banned discussions on politics which in my opinion this is verging on.

    We should have the courage and decency to be better than them and rise above it as hard as it may seem. I'm also conscious that this is a publicly viewable forum and would feel uncomfortable to be seen endorsing any reaction of violence or intimidation no matter how "hypothetically" it was intended. Unfortunately these things get taken out of context and at this time I would prefer not to be under the spot light. To be crystal clear on this I have hidden a couple of posts that whilst I can see their point of view and understand where they are coming from but unfortunately in my opinion they could be rather incendiary posts to others with different point of view and I will not hesitate to do so again in an effort calm the waters and avoid potential further conflict.

    Please lets focus on those that have suffered as a consequence of this violence and support them as best we can.

    Thank you

  7. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    Sympathies to all concerned.
    I find it hard to comprehend the scale of the destruction. It's hardly some 2 minute task to ruin so much hard work and effort.
    Is there any practical support that those affected need?
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  8. steve50

    steve50 Active Member

    Shock, Sadness, Anger, Numb, Disbelief as to why anybody would do this, through to a depressing acceptance that it's part of the world we live in are few of the emotions and thoughts I've been through after hearing this. I very much doubt anything will happen to the perpetrators and if it did what would ever be a fitting punishment, the damage has been done and is irreconcilable. It's brought a tear to me eye seeing how much has been donated on the just giving site, restores a bit of faith in people. I'm so gutted that the hobby I love, and that takes me away from all the stresses of this world now has now been affected by it. It's very hard to be positive but to the OP John K and St Neots MRC, Market Deeping MRC and everyone else involved please, please don't give up what you do, I hope you all bounce back from this, build something else and show it to us all, even if it's a micro or diorama.
    I've donated to the just giving site but I so wish there was something I could say or do to help.
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  9. allegheny1600

    allegheny1600 Western Thunderer

    Hi everyone,
    Like all of us here, I am appalled at these events and have the utmost contempt for the dross that caused this.
    It's small comfort but time and hard work will help overcome the grief.
    My former club, Leigh MRS was once broken into by a person suffering mental health issues, apparently because the club was housed in a former chapel, he thought it was something to do with the church. Anyway, he had the place to himself for several hours and trashed the main exhibition layout and all the rest of the paraphernalia of the club.
    It took a good couple of years work but the club worked together and put everything back how it was. Although it was very devastating to the then members, they managed to get over it.
    I realise that the Market Deeping incident is considerably worse and affects more people but I say this to illustrate that with luck and willingness, this incident can be overcome.
    Clearly it would have been far better never to have happened but now it has, we must not allow our hobby to be damaged by it.
  10. MartinWales

    MartinWales Western Thunderer

    Item on Jeremy Vine's BBC R2 lunchtime slot featured Tim Watson of the MRC.

    Also crowdfunding website amount now over £55000!
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  11. Andrew

    Andrew Active Member

    Also featured on Sky News about 20 minutes ago. They gave it the proper and respectful coverage it rightly deserves.

    Still absolutely fuming!!

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  12. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Over £60k now, is there just the slightest chance of a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel?

  13. Tim Watson

    Tim Watson Western Thunderer

    Well that was a morning I didn’t expect. Following the terrible vandalism at the Market Deeping Model Railway Show over the weekend, there has been a great deal of media coverage. So I appeared on the Jeremy Vine show at 1235, having been first contacted at 0851. The railway bit is 39 minutes in. BBC Radio 2 - Jeremy Vine, 20/05/2019

    Vandalism is always senseless, but this has really struck a chord with many of us and people outside the hobby. The Market Deeping Just Giving page is amazing and shows just how good people can be.
    Help raise £75000 to Help Market Deeping Model Railway Club recover from vandalism

  14. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    My deepest sympathies to all who have suffered through this act of wanton, mindless destruction.
    The idea of enacting some form of violent retribution advocated by some is merely bringing oneself down to the level of these NEDS.
    Punishment seems so feeble these days as to be worthless, therefore, do you really have to ascertain why people feel that they can commit such acts? What motivations drive such thuggery? What elicits these acts and reactions?
    I myself have always believed in cause and effect; remove the cause and lesson the effect. Then, should somebody offend, bring down the full force of the law. Is there a case for public humiliation? Doing time seems akin to a badge of honour; ritual, public humiliation however?
    Try some stocks and a few gallons of vanilla milkshake for starters?
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  15. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

  16. Ian_C

    Ian_C Western Thunderer

    Well money's one thing and I'm astonished at how generous people have been (link to the crowd funding anybody, damned if I could find it?), but time's another. If it's appropriate I'll offer to repair or rebuild a piece of stock for you if there's anything you consider recoverable, or recreate it if you choose to buy the kit/parts/materials with some the money donated. I'll be happy to donate my time. Hoping you can find your way out of the dark corner soon. Best wishes.
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  17. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Tim has included it above - here it is again: Help raise £75000 to Help Market Deeping Model Railway Club recover from vandalism

    And as Ian says, if there's anything I can do, practically, I would be happy to.

  18. John K

    John K Western Thunderer

    Thanks Ian for your offer.
    Many have people have made similar kind offers, but it’s all too early yet.
    PM me in a couple of weeks for a sensible answer.
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  19. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    I also gather that Minature Wonderland in Hamburg have donated £5,000 .
    It shows that even for such painful and mindless destruction there are far more good people in this hobby and the world than the brainless idiots who did this horrendous thing.
  20. Lancastrian

    Lancastrian Western Thunderer

    Like all who have posted, I am shocked at the level of malicious vandalism and destruction.

    I too have offered any help I can give to John directly and St. Neots MRC.

    Although I was aware of the incident, I wasn't aware that Helmthwaite was there or even that the Black 5 was one of John's locos.

    I'm currently in Canada, staying with Chester Machniezwski, whom some of you will know, and he too is shocked and annoyed at what has happened, and sends his best wishes and offers any help he can give. We're meeting up with the Vancouver GOG chaps tomorrow and it will no doubt be discussed.

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