Lee Marsh Models 61xx

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  1. Prairie Tank

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    BR ex-GWR Collet 61xx Large Prairie 2-6-2 Tank No 6135 in and around Shelby Wood Sidings. 20190517_150128.jpg 20190517_150230.jpg 20190517_150247.jpg 20190517_150358.jpg 20190517_150412.jpg 20190517_150453.jpg

    John :)
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  2. daifly

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    6135 at OOC 10th May 1952. No lining, red cab side plate and route availability disc above numberplate.
    6135 at OOC_1.jpg
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  3. Prairie Tank

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    Flippen heck Dave thank you!

    Did you take this or did you find it?

    John :)
  4. daifly

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    I was 1 year old and just mastered a teaspoon in May ‘52! It’s a scanned purchased photo bearing no attribution.
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    I like the oily look of the motion.
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