Prototype Limoges Benedictins

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  1. Focalplane

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    This morning we had a look around the centre of Limoges on our journey across France. The highlight was seeing the railway station

    A few photos of the exterior




    the interior is as impressive with a ferro concrete domed ceiling:



    And the Art Deco windows:


    The dome caught fire in 1997 and has been beautifully restored.
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  2. Peter Cross

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    Must look next time we're in the area, as my sister only lives an hour away.
  3. Focalplane

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    I forgot to mention that the station building was opened in 1929 by the Paris Orleans to replace an existing station built in 1856.

  4. Focalplane

    Focalplane Western Thunderer

    While photographing the station I also saw these granite setts. They are almost certainly from the Massif Central, in the region of Lozère:


    Pity about the three leaves. . .