LMS 3f/Jocko/Jinty cab interior photos

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    Can anyone point me in the direction of a photo of one (or more ) of the above., please.

    Seem to have put my copy of the Wild Swan book somewhere really safe..... and visit over to the KWVR to photograph theirs proved fruitless, they’re using the cab of the one there as a warehouse to store overflow of Christmas presents from the Santa specials.

    Thanks chaps/chapettes

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    Thanks Daifly - most informative.
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    Drawings copyright of NRM. Posted for reference/illustration purposes only.

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    Good man, Ian. :)

    That looks to be from the WS book...…? I know I've got a copy, just can't put my hands on it...!!!
    Really do need to get my library sorted out :rolleyes: :thumbs: :)) :))

    Thanks, take care
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    Just in case these are any help here are two cab shots of Jintys taken in 1965 at Southall. Sadly I didn't have a wide angle lens.....

    As usual, my copyright.


    47286.  Second Shot.  Southall.  5 December 1965.  FINAL - 1000 dpi Copy.jpg 47499.  Second Shot.  Southall.  5 December 1965.  FINAL - 1000 dpi Copy.jpg