LNER models in 4mm

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  1. Mick Bennett

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    First post on here , I have been on RM Web for a number of years and the link for my build thread is here

    LNER Models in 4mm

    Latest build is a ex NER Petrol Inspection Car with a 3D printed body with a scratchbuilt chassis.

    Cheers Mick
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    Good morning Mick,

    Nice to see you and your models over here.:thumbs:
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  3. Bill Campbell

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    Welcome Mick

    I think your Inspection Car merits some still photographs so we can have a really good look.

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  4. Ressaldar

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    x2, and very curious, definitely need some close ups:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:


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  5. Mick Bennett

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    Page 38 and 39 on the above link, for more pictures of the Inspection Car .


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  6. Mick Bennett

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    For people not on RM web, some more pictures .

    fullsizeoutput_27b0.jpeg fullsizeoutput_27b1.jpeg fullsizeoutput_27b3.jpeg fullsizeoutput_27b4.jpeg
  7. Mick Bennett

    Mick Bennett Member

    Latest builds
    Thompson Rest Car PV Flying Scotsman, Southern Pride sides on Bachmann base.

    Composite Car . Comet sides again on Bachmann base.


    ABS ,D&S ,Geen Cattle Wagons




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  8. Mick Bennett

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    Made from Resin castings LNER Insulated Containers, the end chains were a real pain to do.


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  9. Mick Bennett

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    Hornby J50
    First one built as very badly repaired example . it had been dropped and the front broken off and then badly glued back on. Rebuilt ,resprayed, and weathered and crewed.


    No 2 much healthier example , weathering and crew added.