Loco crews for a friend

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    Arriving at my friends house, to do some more work on his lay out, I discovers 5 figures on the work bench. They were loco crew, which it transpired had been strategically placed for me to find in the hope that they would get painted :D

    Little did I realise just how much trouble they were going to be when I took them home with me to paint.

    The figures are nicely made and in very convincing poses and every thing was going well until my wife let it slip that they were not for my lay out and were not going to be crewing WR loco's but were in fact going to be lumbered with driving/firing ex LMS stock!
    Next morning they were all missing, they had all ran off and hidden. Luckily one of my Whippets found them on her bed and they were very quickly rounded up and put under the brush.

    They are now secured with Blu Tack and awaiting their journey home.

    John :)

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    Really nice stuff but it’s quite hard to keep up, or refer back to anything, when you keep starting loads of new threads!

    Could you consolidate into one workbench type one and then show us what you are working on at the time?

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    That is a very good point Hal Nall, I will do that.

    John :)