Love Lane, B.R. (E) c.1956

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    Oh dear, I seem to have gained a bit of a reputation, although I have long been aware that conversations frequently descend to about thirty inches from the ground when I'm around...!

    It's amazing what comes up on ebay at times isn't it?

    Anyway, here are a couple of the latest shots:


    I'm afraid the front legs are only plain rod rather than proper, fancy turned jobs, (can't think of the name for them) but I chickened out at the thought of doing eight of the things!

    I might be tempted to have another go at them yet though...?

    Now it is all painted, at least the scuttle can stay as it is now!


    More to come - but I've got to run...…..!

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    Both fantastic, Pete!!

  5. Oz7mm

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    I never realised you had such big fingers

    The other JB
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    Lots to do today, and not just Kenny Everett impressions, so only another quick update I'm afraid!

    I had a bit of fun with this essential item last night:

    Started by cutting a strip and laminating at two separated ends...


    Then when reasonably set, I set too in the usual whittling mode with scalpel and needle file...

    Ending up with these two bits:

    ysig_lm_SAM_7782.JPG ysig_lm_SAM_7785.JPG

    By notching both together I had a nice self supporting joint, along with the additional little square of thinner plastic to the base (seen in the first pic) to form this:


    By cutting little slots in the outer faces and corners I was able to locate and firmly lock thin strips in place to form the arms and legs...

    ysig_lm_SAM_7787.JPG ysig_lm_SAM_7788.JPG ysig_lm_SAM_7789.JPG

    All for the comfort of our signalman, although it does appear to be rather too snug?!

    Just got to make it look a bit battered and careworn to finish.

    No sorry, I'm not going to do a pipe and pair of carpet slippers...

    But then again, the former might be...?


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    I'll just leave this here.. :eek:

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    Don't panic, don't panic
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    It's only a small local show, so nothing much to worry about...
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    Quick little shot yesterday.

    L92 during a quiet period using platform two, to pick up some wagons from the Love Lane yard before heading into the big smoke. Note the three banana vans that have been collected from the Dunmow Banana factory earlier in the trip.

    The Push-Pull service is quietly simmering in the background awaiting it's next rostering.


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    Hi JB
    If the Geest banana ripening a facility at Easton Lodge Dunmow opened in 1962, who owned the factory which was active in 1956?
    Here it is in this bit of Pathe film; it would be fun to be able to access it from a qr code on Love Lane

    See you at Warley
    John K
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    Hi John, just seen that Fyffes were at Felstead from 1956 aswell so that should do as a cover story.. :thumbs:

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  13. Peter Insole

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    I have never been very keen on 'nana's, but these days they are one of the few things that like me. I'm now blooming stuck with having to eat 'em!

    Anyway, JB's super pic from last night's long, late Love Lane working session has prompted me to post some rather grainy versions of my own...! Mind you, they looked fine and sharp when I took them - and still do when I squint.

    The platform awnings need the valence fitting and fettling.

    At the end of a rather full days work on that task I noticed that, in my haste, I had completely forgotten to take the carefully designed and perfectly executed pitch (rainwater slope) into account!


    There was no alternative to taking the three sections home, chopping it all off in the morning and starting over again.


    There are a few awkward extra splinters here and there, but here is one of the new end frames.

    I also had to laminate plywood for these parts in order to compensate for the amount of damage caused by the dismantling process.


    It may only be a slight taper and step running from flush at the front (bottom left) to back, (centre of picture) but it makes all the jolly difference.


    Then capped, and salvaged valence refitted to finish. This is of course is only one of the four ends thus treated!

    A start was made applying primer and the first top coat of BR(E) "Light Stone" to the Up awning.


    And here at last it sits, nice and level with the bridge girders and booking office roof!

    More surgery will be needed on the long Down side one opposite, but meanwhile there's time for a few indulgent photos...?!

    SAM_x7870.JPG SAM_x7877.JPG SAM_x7879.JPG

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    Fantastic Pete, the end is in sight I think!

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  15. richard carr

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    That looks fantastic , I can't wait to see it for real.

  16. Peter Insole

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    Thanks guys!

    But I fear JB;

    Mner, mner….

    it is perhaps....


    the end of...

    the beginning!
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    I got some sharp sand and half a slab you can have :D

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    Smashing photos of the canopy. Can I have one for the Newsletter please? Pretty Please!

  19. Peter Insole

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    That should be fine Richard!

    Thanks Col for the offer - there's a few more needed here and there - and someone to lay 'em!

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    When do we start panicking, again?