Mercian 1/32nd Class 14

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Mr Tiger Viking, 28 March 2012.

  1. Mr Tiger Viking

    Mr Tiger Viking Western Thunderer

    I see from an advert in the latest Rail Express model section that Mercian are advertising their latest kit in various scales, one being G1 1/32nd of a Teddy Bear (new money Class 14) I maybe tempted after completing 2X class 29 in 1/32nd.
    Mr TV
  2. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    Is this the one enlarged from 7mm?
  3. Pugsley

    Pugsley Western Thunderer

    I expect so - isn't there supposed to be an all-new 9500 kit available in 1/32nd scale soon?
  4. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    Ermmm... I think this just might be a blow-up of the all-new 7mm kit recently put out via JPL Models ....but I could be wrong ;)
  5. D6356

    D6356 Western Thunderer

    Hi ,loco in 10mm and 1/32 Mercian site says £ 400 for basic kit £600 for all inclusive kit- no elbow grease!!
    Last year at Warley they had first off made up in 10mm and looked the part so now looks like time to part with the cash..
  6. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    The 10mm "14" is my avatar (which is up for sale if anyone is interested )
    I have the the first 1/32 chassis etch, wheels & machined crank to build up for Trevor - the body etch will follow and the kit - end of the year ?

  7. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    But WHY would anybody want to buy your avatar?.......... :drool:

    One hand already on coat..........
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  8. D6356

    D6356 Western Thunderer

    Hi gang, ordered a 10mm at North show yesterday. 1/32 not yet furthered - lack of interest and therefore orders - if you want one in 1/32 shout up or boat will be missed . Around 6-8 weeks towait before total confusion! ? ;) sets in - well if 3mm kits anything to go buy this kit will be a dream to build up. Just need world to stop longenough to build it
    Richard - did you sell the test build anything to look out for?
  9. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Sounds a bit bloody silly to me:confused:


    Can I have a 1/32 Teddy Bear kit please?


    No - there's no demand for 1/32 so I haven't produced it - have a 10mm one instead they are much more popular.

    To which the sane answer is:

    No thanks, I'll wait until you've done the 1/32 kit. You see, 10mm scale is not acceptable to me as I'm a railway modeller who seeks to replicate the real thing as best I can, which means that I do not wish to start off with an inbuilt scale to gauge error.

    I don't necessarily count rivets, I don't take myself too seriously, but wakey wakey people, it's the 21st Century and Greenly's been dead for years.

    Apologies for somewhat ill tempered response but I don't expect to read cobblers on Western Thunder, there's RMweb for that isn't there?

    Miaow and Ciao

    Simon Castens
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  10. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    I can sort of sympathize with Trevor C (Mercian Models) on this one.......when I produced the 10mm scale Old Originals kits for the LNW Crewe Goods and 2-4-0 tank version I sold over 50 kits ,oddly more tanks than tenders........Oh! that I could have come anywhere near this figure with my 1:32 Manning Wardle and Ruston kits..... perhaps it was a case of 'nice kits, wrong prototypes' or just the number of people into 1:32 scale,be it the right scale and all that , are not as many as people like to think or perhaps some just like to sit in armchairs and theorise :) ,
  11. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    I think you are probably right, 10mm is a more popular scale. Although it pains me to say it, the majority of modellers couldn't care less about inaccurate gauge/scale as long as it runs and looks the part. Maybe I should do a poll? :eek::))
  12. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    I do take Simons point about supply and demand, I'm just not sure it is that popular a loco in the first place.
  13. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    I think John is sort of right, we all have our favourites/obsessions and assume everyone else agrees. Unfortunately if you are producing kits that fill your own interests, you are probably doomed from the start.

    Whatever Simon believes the G1 norm should be, he will know a large majority of G1MRA members and the "unattached" G1 brigade, plod along in the old way with 10mm - it does make you compatible with the majority of garden lines, test tracks and layouts.

    Some kit manufacturers who produce kits to earn a living (I think there are a few) aren't going to spend on tooling, patterns, and all the other overheads to produce a kit just because a few say they will buy, he's going to pick something reasonably popular that will appeal to people with money in their pocket - how about a small Prairie in 1/32 - I bet that would sell a sensible amount, small, green and a very recognisable shape.
    But a Ruston 48ds, Manning Wardle and a class 14 are all a bit unusual in most peoples plans for their railway empire unless you have an interest in industrials, light railways or steelworks.

    When I started a thread regarding G1 North which was a public exhibition, promoted by a group of G1MRA members in the "north" and backed by G1MRA, with a good selection of G1 traders - with supplies of both 10mm & 1/32 hardware on offer, the only response was strangely from a few with a G3 interest.

    So where was the upsurge in 1/32 interest then ? - finescale or otherwise.
  14. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    All fair comments, what gets me though is the "I asked for 1/32 but got 10mm" implication followed by the "missing the boat" bit. Maybe I am missing something (quiet you two at the back)

    Missing the boat to where I'd like to know, the happy island of incontinence pads and sanatogen I suppose- no thanks!!:p

    I reckon the answer is to produce it all to 1/32, and call it gauge one.

    While I'm upon this rickety soapbox though, the thing that makes me laugh is the "there's hardly any difference between 1/32 and 10mm old chap - don't know what you're so bothered about" coupled with the "I only buy 10mm" shite (please note the position of my quotation marks;))

    I dunno, its enough to make you want to set up a new G1 group:rolleyes:


    Just taking a break from re-decorating the bathroom before Cookie and Kernow's visit next weekend
  15. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Its not the G1 norm I'm thinking about Arty, it's trying to steer the future in a more rational direction.

    G1 North wise, I'm afraid its too close to Camrail for me to attend (I was invited and I wish it well though)

    Plus I'm due to attend Railwells with Spotty Siding and that needs things doing to it too.

    Back to the 14, I reckon there's a fair 1/32 market amongst Mr Tiger Viking and his chums, to take your point though they haven't been interested in the Manning Wardle (too old) or the 48DS (too small?)

  16. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    I believe that there will be a growing, but relatively small market in 1/32 for modellers like myself - those who have a 7mm finescale backgroound. I can't do true scale in 7mm, I have too much vested in OF. However, if I move up a scale, then I have a blank slate and can go straight to 1/32. Nor will I want a Heyside-esque type layout - a few really good models will do me.

    But, and this is a big but, I want real high quality kits, or I'm not interested - the sort of kits that compare favourably to the best in 7mm. Just for the fun of doing them. The problem a manufacturer has is working out which kits will sell. If it helps, I'd like a 4F please:)

  17. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    I think with the 14 it's more a case of interesting prototype but what will I do with it - it was a bit of a white elephant in it's day.
    From the point of view of a kit producer, 1/32 has a larger following than ever, Mercian are slowly releasing more of their range in both flavours, but are there enough 1/32 punters to justify the expence and effort.
    I think the 14XX which is now available from Trevor in 1/32 has good sales potential - I quite fancy one myself, but I wouldn't build it to "finescale" standards cos' I would struggle to run it on my own garden railway let alone most other railways.
    I agree G1 should be 1/32, but looking around at Bakewell, it's clear that the bulk of the G1 followers there were of the "more mature" type (myself included - I did watch the Coronation apparently) the only kids there were dragged along by their Grandads. So I'm not sure who is going to turn the tide ?

  18. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    It's only a matter of time I think. Ian Pearse is going ahead with his 1/32 live steam range and I am told that RTR 1/32 rolling stock is following. Apparently a "Toad" first (already got one of those) but what I think would really get things moving would be a coach or two to the standard of his W&L models in 16mm scale.

    I also know that one of the established 10mm kit manufacturers is working on a 1/32 model that will be very popular when it comes out, and it isn't going to be a complicated etched kit either.

    I'm interested in Trevor's 14XX, but as Cookie's bought one I'm hoping he'll get stuck into it so I can get the benefit of his experience before investing in one. Although it doesn't exactly "fit in" with any of my themes (except the Titfield Thunderbolt obviously) it is an iconic locomotive in many ways and I agree with you that it should be popular.

    I'm probably not a very good customer for kits, so far (loco-wise) I've only built John's Manning Wardle and have his 48DS to build, plus a Fred Phipps Class 22. Oh, and a part built Peckett W4 from an Agenoria blow up.

    This is partially due to there being a dearth of 1/32 kits I'd like to build, but also because my instinct (at this size) is to scratchbuild. Mind you, I'd happily knock about a plastic model that needed modification or detailing were such a thing available.

    I'd definitely have a John Dale Jinty in 1/32 if it were available - John is a very talented kit designer. I also like his lovely early LNW locos:bowdown:

  19. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    Ah!....the 3F tank ....this was sold on to Bram Hengeveld in Holland who, I think, intended to put it about the Continent as a ready to run item , whether or not this actually happened I know not. I do, however still have a copy of the artwork and ,sadly, non of the casting masters hence it would be an expensive proposition to resurrect a kit even if Slaters now do the correct 1:32 wheels to go with it . As for the Crewe Goods......the original artwork was hand drawn and a bit like a Stone Age cave painting compared to what I can now do on t'computer...I still get enquiries about it and it did cross my addled brain to do it 'better' in 1:32 , I recently discovered all the relevant casting patterns but it would mean going cap in hand to Slaters regarding the wheels....and before you say it I'm quite aware of the super-dooper cast iron range available but it's the kiss of death to a kit sale when the customer asks 'where do I get the wheels from' to be told that for a wad of money you can get some blank castings , can't turn them up yourself? in which case it's another wad to get someone to do it for you plus, if need be, insulate can see the punter do a quick calculate followed by ' I'll think about it and get back to you'......they never do. As I said I still get interest but IF(very BIG IF ) I did it I'd put money on the fact that the interested parties would disappear back into the mist never to be seen's happened before......
  20. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I think that the G1 "market" that hasn't (yet?) developed is the finescale end of the spectrum, as represented by Worlds End, Spotty, Bob Hunters epic layout (ex Trevor Hale) Dungeness, Roger Fry's stock and where Cynric is headed. Mr Tiger Viking and "his group" are a bit of a special case as they are mostly hydraulic enthusiasts who were drawn into the scale by Fred Phipps's kits. Apologies to anyone I've missed from the above, there are/were others - Simon D should be re-joining the fray soon I hope:)

    I'm disappointed that you haven't done much better with the 48DS, and my offer still stands as regards its future. It needs an article or two in the modelling press I think. As far as I know a write up of Cookie's build is destined for MRJ in the not too distant future.....

    I also suspect that a new G1 group would help the cause as G1MRA is too well wedded to live steam. Maybe after Camrail and when I've finished "developing" the shop it will be time to start it.

    I'd hope it'd have a magazine of sorts too.


    Crummy weather here today, so off to the Haynes motor museum with Harry and friends.