Mercian 1/32nd Class 14

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Mr Tiger Viking, 28 March 2012.

  1. 28ten

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    My 1/32 is much closer to military modelling than the usual G1 stuff, its a different hobby, which is probably why I have never been to a G1 show. Im not saying there is anything wrong with their approach but its not what i aspire to. I have reached the stage where if i want something badly enough ill just make it myself. Yes, there are a few kits I would like, but if they don't appear in due course its not the end of the world and ill do them myself.
  2. Neil

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    This is all hugely entertaining but is it just me that gets a sense of deja-vu about the 10mm-1/32 situation. We have on the one hand a popular but incorrect scale/gauge relationship versus a patchily supported correct scale for the same gauge. Ring any bells? The earlier outcome differed in that the hairshirts altered the gauge rather than the scale. Without wishing into existence another splinter group I do wonder if such a direction might have made for greater commercial support; Mr Dale would have been able to sell the same basic kit to both philistines and the righteous.
  3. Simon

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    As a parallel universe I'll admit it does hold some appeal, but scalewise it's a big "neel pwan" from the voters here in Bath by the Sea.

    See Principal Dunkley in his office, he'll explain it all to you:))

  4. Neil

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    I await his pearls of wisdom, though I'll have to remind him about his utterances on narrow gauge about keeping to a common scale and altering the gauge.
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    Yes it is deja vu all over again :) the problem as ever is being shackled by last centuries compromises. Talking of n/g who was the chap who did corris in something like 5.5 mm to the ft ?
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    Peter Kazer
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    Did not GEM do some white metal kits for Ffestiniog locos etc in the same scale a while back ?
  8. D6356

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    Hi Just taken delivery of 10mm Class 14 kit - looks very good anybody aware of pitfalls - I was going to bat pack and RC it ... thanks for any advice
    Robert Shrives
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    Some Class 14 images in my DropBox thread, mostly cab views if I recall correctly, help yourself if you think they might help, cannot comment on the kit or pitfalls though I'm afraid.

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    Hi well got it ( sorry 10mm) but a lovely set of etches just need world to stop so I can make a start!
  11. Simon

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    Late News:

    The 1/32 scale version of the Class 14 kit from Mercian is now shipping:thumbs:

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    10mm vs 1/32
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    Greedy, or just undecided? :))
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    Same track standard or have you covered a couple of bases there as well?

    Going to be interesting seeing what the physical difference actually ends up being.
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    With any luck both will be on Mercian's stand at the AGM in November, cheers Rob
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    A bit smaller :))