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    Occasionally we (Finney7 tribe) get to go places other folk may not have easy access to, a couple of years back it was the NYMR for the B1 photo shoot; today it was Loughborough for the....well that would spoil the surprise ;)

    Anyway, big clappy hands for the gents who organised it and the site guys letting us wander around virtually access all areas. The weather helped and luncheon at Quorn was well worth the visit.

    I've never been to Loughborough, but it's a very nice set up and I shall be returning for future visits I'm sure.

    Anyway, here's what we're all waiting for, the piccies.

    Inside the shed is the usual mix of stripped down, part repaired and running repairs mixture of engines, all squeezed in which makes photos awkward, but still interesting, there's plenty of light in there but that does create large areas of high contrast.

    First up, the subject for a future project.



    Externally this was at the darker end of the shed and to be fair I've more than enough detail shots externally and during rebuilds etc, so just grabbed some cab shots....because I could.

    Overall view down the shed.


    Some sort of Midland thing all stripped down, I didn't have time to photo shoot this one but it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon so could possibly be another excuse for a photo shoot.

    Toward the front is a nice clean Standard five which I think was in for simply running repairs.



    Tucked down the side was the 04, I think this one is at the start of a heavy overhaul so will be striped down to bare frames in due course.


    Outside a handful of engines were standing around, clearly used over the weekend for trains but just sat basking in the sun so it was rude not to oblige a few photos.



    The problem with high bright sun is the strong contrast it generates and it can wash out the image, for my Flickr page I'd play on the high contrast and ramp up the HDR, add some filters and get some noise in there to give it a gritty high contrast feel (it's a marmite thing), but these are just vanilla photo album views.

    Under the road bridge a 9F was just asking to be photographed, more than a bit annoyed at the cars parked behind, but you take what you can get.



    I did some normal angle views but the low angle ones came out better and have more impact visually, I think anyway. There's a little HDR going on around the front pony truck.

    A detail shot for those who like that sort of thing :thumbs:


    To be fair today would been an excellent day to get in the pit as the concrete was bouncing off so much sunlight it was lighting up the undersides a treat, but it's not an engine on the short list and I have enough detail shots to suit my current needs.

    Parked a little further away a short line of engines.




    The 8F tender generated some lively debate, if you modeled that you'd be shot to pieces. To be honest, I do have a mind to do a tender like that at some point, it'd be an interesting modeling exercise to see if the effect can be scaled down effectively.

    Finally, a big red crane, I like big red cranes, it's a shame there are no models of these more modern (late BR) heavy lift cranes. I'm not sure if this one was an actual steam era crane, possibly, but not sure.


    A possible future candidate for a photo shoot.

    More in part deux.

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    Part Deux.

    Nearer the station a line of diesels were stored, apparently people like these sort of things :confused:;)

    To be fair I'd of easily walked off with the 'Hoover' :thumbs:



    This is how I remember most of my engines, a nice bog standard class 47.


    They've even added back the buffer beam shrouds which is a nice authentic touch, not sure if the engine roof panel is real fibre glass or just painted to represent it, looks nice anyway.

    Finally a Brush Type 2, I actually like this colour and if it were not for the modern house background and the lack of buffer beam shrouds/skirts, you could almost convince yourself it was back in the 60's.


    Enjoy MD
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    No.14 and the Jinty are both cracking engines, very highly regarded up the Epping Ongar..

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    Aah well done chaps, you picked a good day for it...!

    As an aside, nice to see Royal Oak up there, hopefully being well looked after. And I agree with you about the crane. :thumbs:

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    The red crane is the diesel version, Mick. The steam crane is in black at the back of the shed.

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    Brian, cheers.

    I think some of these big red ones were originally steam but later converted to diesel, fairly sure Willesden had one of these bigger ones, Crewe too, I'd need to get the books out and cross reference their numbers.

    Steph, yup, cracking weather, almost too bright for arty type photos.
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    Yep the crane is a 76tonne diesel hydraulic conversion of a former Cowans Sheldon steam crane. According to my records it's ADRC96709, ex-ADB967159 75t steam crane from York, Doncaster and Thornaby. It would have been ordered under the 1955 Modernisation Plan and delivered in 1961/2.

    Although it looks nice in red, it was converted in 1977 and so would only have been yellow as a diesel...

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    Why do I think that's a line from a Carry On film..??!! :confused: :rolleyes: :oops: :D

    I like the Blue Duff, as that's 'my' Era too; that and the green Rat remind me of a 1970s Hornby catalogue, as those were the only livery choices diesel models had then. :thumbs:
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    What's wrong with the 33/1 in between? - oops forgot it's pure Southern Region :p ....and the 'Hoovers' only ended up on the BR(S) & (W) after they were displaced by the WCML electrification to Glasgow.

    And there would also have to be more wires on the telegraph pole as well....;)
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    But that was the thing about the Blue Era - yes everything was (in a massive over-simplification) 'one colour', BUT - it was also still a very 'regional' railway - you had to travel about to see certain classes, such as the 33s, McRats, Deltics etc.
    Best livery for a 50 was Large Logo Blue. ;)
    At this rate Western Thunder could see the return of the anarchic Blue Brigade! :D ... I can imagine certain members shuddering in horror at the thought :p

    Here's a strange one - how come I don't like the look of 33s, but think that the closely related 26 & 27s had 'character' & looked better?? :confused: no I can't explain it either; it must be just me :oops:
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    Everything looked good in large logo, 37's, 50's, 56's, 47's, 86's and 87's :thumbs: I do so hanker for some good 25Kv sparkies, the 'roarers' had class but the electric 'Scots' had style, well as much as you can get for a box on wheels and they couldn't half move when pushed.

    87 016_Wolverton.jpg

    87 xxx_Castlethorpe_01.jpg

    Glorious summer evenings at Wolverton watching an endless procession of 81-87 race up and down the WCML.

    Straight after class (technical training school) I'd scoot down to the line for a couple of hours, then go back and pitch down the pub with the lads on the course for a face full, ah the joys of youth.
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    Some of these.... ;). All taken at Derby 1981/2.
    Derby 14.jpg

    Derby 12.jpg Derby 15.jpg
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    Here are some of mine taken at Berkhamsted and Northchurch (1982) - with the earlier GEC (AEI) cross-arm pantograph.
    Berkhamsted 03.jpg
    Northchurch 05.jpg

    And the genuine Stephenson 87 101 at Crewe (1981/2) after bunking off lectures.

    Stephenson 87101.jpg
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    The all blue 310 emu must have been one of the last if that was 1982? Blue/Grey must have been applied to most by then? I recall the GE section emu's were well on the way to blue/grey by then.
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    I do have another of a blue 310 at Berkhamsted... with it's aluminum double arrow.

    Berkhamsted 01.jpg