7mm Mickoo's Workbench - Connoisseur 4F, JM LMS Garratt - Martin Finney 47xx - MoK Ivatt 4MT

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by mickoo, 8 September 2018.

  1. simond

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    I’m sure you know, but just in case, mount it so the back jaw is outboard of the edge of the bench.

    Handy for filing the end of long things...

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  2. mickoo

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    Indeed, it's not permanently fixed here, just G clamped in place, to fix it with the rear jaw over the bench will result in the front end overhanging and smacking my leg every time I walk past; that's what I liked with the smaller vice, it has a steel shoe fitted on the desk and you can slide it on and off and clamp it in place.

    It's primary use will be for taking the cusp off large pieces, not beating large bits of metal around, it's probably almost heavy enough not to need fixing for it's intended use, though I suspect the more it gets used the more I'll find ways to abuse it.
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  3. mickoo

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    Personally I'm not a big fan of soft jaws of any kind, I prefer milled smooth faces; that also presents problems in getting them to mate perfectly flat, even more so on this vice as there are no detachable jaws.

    The only way to machine these flat would be to secure the whole vice to the works mill and then run a slot mill down each face.

    The other option is to bond some machined steel plates to the cast jaws, they are heavily serrated so an adhesive would bond well, secure said faces together with double sided tape, add adhesive and then clamp tight in vice jaws until adhesive sets. Viola, one set of perfectly flat and mated machined faces.

    You're probably right about these, not expensive and supposedly magnetised, they're not....well they are but cheap Chinese magnets I suspect....and it's easy to knock them along the jaw, that will irritate me beyond reason and very quickly too. I expect their life span to be swift and short, I just needed something to get on with, and hold, the larger coach etches.
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    Many years ago I bought an elderly coach kit that had sides folding up from the floor. I snapped the sides off and formed the tumblehome, narrowed the floor to the correct width, and soldered it all back together. Mine was 4mm, so good luck with this 7mm job.

    It's an intriguing set of parts and I assume the coach has an inner and outer body skin where glazing fits between the two?
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    Small update on the H38, hopefully get the chassis completed tomorrow, it's taking longer than I envisaged :eek:

    Just need to 3D print the gas tanks and bracket (1st batch being run up now), some new brake cylinders....the current white metal ones have big slots in the side to fit over the trunnion shaft...:rolleyes: and two new battery boxes; the rest I have.

    The bogies are 3rd party supplied so I cannot take any credit for those.

    The etch work was rather cleaner, well some flux here and there, until it was washed, bam the Marmite was back, no idea what it is that's causing the muddy tarnish, looks a witch, hate it even though I know it won't be seen once painted. It just looks :shit:

    There must be some chemical that makes brass look like brass again, instead of tarnishing it either brown of salmon pink, the usual result of using domestic cleaners.

    Dead Bug views.




    Right side up and pretty boring, makes you wonder why one goes to all the effort underneath :p


    Note to self, don't make the under frame beam tabs so long next time, floor material thickness will be fine, then there will be no need to grind back, it'll be covered by the upper body eventually but at this stage, once again, looks :shit:
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    I've seen a product called Horolene recommended. It's used by clock makers/restorers to clean brass and supposedly gets rid of tarnishing. The clock expert on the 'Repair Shop' uses it. Available on-line from various sources,I keep meaning to try some out so will order some this week.

    all the best
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  7. mickoo

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    Ordered :thumbs:

    CousinsUK seem to be the cheapest from a quick web surf.
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    I've done the same, great minds eh?

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    ....and fools seldom differ :D .......I'll get me coat, I'l have to order some too me thinks:thumbs:
    Col. :D
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  11. Michael Hall

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    Highly recommended, I have been using this for some time, it comes in a concentrated form and will make your eyes water when you open it !
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    Never argue with a fool.......passers by can rarely tell the difference :p
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  14. Longbow

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    It's unusual to see a brass cleaner that is alkaline (most are weakly acidic) and contains 5-15% ammonia (which aggressively oxidises brass).
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  16. Lancastrian

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    Even more so if you have a gas hob or boiler ! Don't use it near your micro-gas torch Mick


  17. mickoo

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    Interesting, then how can it clean it if it oxidises it so badly.
  18. mickoo

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    No problems, I've read you need to dilute to use anyway, 7:1 or 8:1 is the recommended ratio, in that format it should....be a touch more stable; but I think the garage is the right place to store and use this stuff....he says having litres of 99.9% IPA and Celly thinners in the house, not forgetting all the fly sprays and domestic cleaners in the house.
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    Domestic cleaners ? Do you have butlers and maids too ? :))

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    Hmmmmm!! I've just ordered a litre. It'll stay in my outside storage shelter!!
    Thanks for the info, Ian.

    Regards, Rob.