Midland in Bristol

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    Hi all, new to this forum but thought I'd post a few pics of my entry. It's based around the Docks in Bristol c1907 where the Midland had a few goods depots. Couldn't think of a place-name name so have decided to keep it as Midland in Bristol. Kind of does what it says on he tin I suppose. Pic below of the track plan, board is built and I'm in the process of mocking up buildings to get proportions right. More pics to follow...

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  2. jonte

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    Welcome, Tricky.

    Plenty to look at; should make for interesting operation too.

    Good luck!

  3. Tricky

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    Thanks jonte. Been quite busy today, finished the baseboard, made the backscene and painted white for now. Mock-ups of the main structures under way. Of concern is the middle section which looks too bare and plus I need to devise a clever way of hiding the baseboard edge! Not quite happy with it all yet but that's all part of the process...!

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  4. Alan

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    Are you still building the layout, if so any chance of an update and some photos?
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    I believe he is, although more seems to be documented in another place - Midland in Bristol - 7mm+ modelling
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    Thanks Ian.
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