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  1. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    Well it has been far too long since I used solder in anger. The first victim of the new era is an MOK Q1 kit needed for service on Newhurst for Railex 2019.
    There is much praise of Dave Sharp's work and I am blown away by the tender design so far, there is even enough space left in the tender for an XL V4 chip and a speaker, who knows it may even get chuff n puff fitted if I can shoehorn the smoke unit in up front.

    Here are some boring pics, not much to see so far... Cliffs Q1 tender  (1).jpg Cliffs Q1 tender  (2).jpg Cliffs Q1 tender  (3).jpg Cliffs Q1 tender  (4).jpg Cliffs Q1 tender  (5).jpg Cliffs Q1 tender  (6).jpg Cliffs Q1 tender  (7).jpg
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  2. Ressaldar

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    Hi Cliff,

    all looking very good. I thoroughly enjoyed building two of them.

    One question though, why an XL sound decoder, as I assume that you will be using a Maxon motor and ABC gearbox, no lights to power up, where is the current requirement? the smaller one will fit that much easier.

    kind regards

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  3. P A D

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    Hi Cliff,
    Looking forward to following this. When it comes to removing the tabs, I found I could get closer to the root of the tab by gripping with pliers, pressing down tight and twisting, rather than using side cutters.

    Cheers ,
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  4. oldravendale

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    This'll be especially interesting for me, Cliff. The box is about to come out of the stack.

    I suspect you'll be finished long before me!

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  5. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    Hi Mike
    If you want chuff n puff then you need the XL V4 decoder. The sound output from an XL V4 is much greater than a "OO" sized V4 decoder, which is important for an exhibition hall environment.
    The chuff n puff has gone inside the 9F very well and adds a fair bit to the overall effect.
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  6. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    I forgot to say one thing I found with forming the curves was to roll the sides a fraction tighter radius, then reverse roll them back to the shallower radius.
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  7. 2-Bil

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    Im loathe to make any criticism of Dave,s Q1 and no one seems to have mentioned the omission but he forgot a representation of the cabs transverse floorboards.Given all the fine touches___for example the fluted wheels on the backhead manifold ___i was surprised the "cab floor" was missing___and so BTW was Mr MOK _______.Hope this (constructive)info is of use______Respectfully yours BW
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  8. Yorkshire Dave

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    Out of curiosity - rather than the XL V4 would the L V4 suffice or does the chuff 'n' puff really draw that much current?

    In any case with the Q1 there should be plenty of room for the accessories.

    Of course Triang-Hornby were there 40 or so years ago albeit without digital control :)
    Sound Sounds of the 70s
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  9. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Same thing on the 4MT tank, plus no ash pan operating lever. However, with everything else being so good, you can forgive these little oversights that are easily corrected.
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  10. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    Hi Dave the combined space of the ESU "L" with additional circuit board is not really beneficial in this case, the output from the amp is weak in comparison. I use the ESU "L" for larger tank engine DCC commissions where a little more grunt is needed, maybe for older motors.
    The ESU "L" does allow you to wire the smoke unit directly to the circuit board, bypassing the additional "chip" for the O Gauge smoke unit to operate.
    It all becomes a decision of space available versus practicalities.
    The ESU "L" needs an additional external stay alive unit wired on, so you need to find the space for this too. Conclusion, if you can get the XL V4.0 into the tender for power/ sound or chuff n puff just do it, it has stay alive and more output.

    That is of course if you can get an XL V4.0 right now, none available until January, glad I have a good strategic reserve of them.
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  11. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    If you have just tuned in - welcome to the new "Oldravendale +1" channel.
    Bringing you highlights of the Q1 build if you missed it first time round.

    Some more progress soldering bits on, loving the MOK philosophy on construction. Glad I have a ton of shots of the Q1 from the inspection pit at the NRM. If anyone is interested let me know.
    IMG_1823.jpg IMG_1824.jpg IMG_1825.jpg
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