Mountsorrel Model Railway Show

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    The Mountsorrel Model Railway Exhibition will play host to the following line up at the Mountsorrel Memorial Centre on the 13th and 14th of April, 2019.

    Layouts booked to attend:

    Karolina Falls (On30)
    Buxworth (O)
    Lionel Vintage Collection (O)
    Saltdean (O)
    Weslo Steel (EM)
    Evington St. John (OO)
    Loughborough Midland (OO)
    Lydd-On-Sea (OO)
    Pedwardine Forest (OO) (Debuting)
    Redhill Up Yard (OO) (Debuting)
    St. John's (OO) (Debuting)
    Stratton (OO)
    Northbridge (OO)
    Dunkow Road (.N)
    Hither Green PAD (.N)
    Sutton St. Anne's (.N)
    Tanners Hill (.N)
    Wormhill (.N)
    The Great Central Railway "Bridge to the Future" project (Z)

    Traders booked to attend:

    Footplate / Flangeway of Kidderminster
    S-Kits, 4mm specialist kits
    Finishing Touches
    MarTam Models, 2nd hand
    Jim Shearer, 2nd hand
    Crosslands, 2nd hand
    BH Enterprises, N/2mm kits
    Buzz Models, O/7mm kits
    AirFramed Display Cabinets


    Sileby Photographic Society
    Leicester Model Railway Group
    Friends of the Great Central Mainline
    Melton Mowbray Model Engineers


    Tony Wright - The Loco Doctor
    Roger Manton - The Weathering Wonder
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    You'll be able to make a weekend of it, as well...…. :eek::eek: :thumbs:

    Saturday 13th is the date of the Gauge 1 bunfight (aka the Spring Show) at Iveshead School, Block A, Forest Street, Shepshed LE12 9DB, 10am to 5pm, (It's about nine miles away from the above location).

    All the best (??) in Gauge 1, with added interest in that the Gauge 3 Society has been invited as well, along with a bit of 16mm thrown into the mix.

    Come and have a look at the 'big stuff'.
  3. Arty

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    Don’t I know it Baz, when we started planning the exhibition last year, it never occurred to me that it would clash
    It’s worse ‘cos I only live about a mile from the High school in Shepshed, and meet up with a few each year with pub & chinese afterward, going to do some rushing about on the Saturday
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    Torn between two lovers...….. :headbang:Oh, 'eck…….. :)):)) it'll end in tears :'(

    Two model exhibitions, same dates, nine miles apart - now that takes some doing, someone ought to be really proud of themselves, tempted to say 'bet they couldn't do that again' but...… I'll not tempt fate.

    If you happen by the G1/G3 jolly, stop by & say hello - I think I've got a stand there (well, I've paid for one!). :thumbs:
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    I shall sneak off and pay you a visit.
    I’ve got “stuff” to put on the bring & buy - so there could be money involved